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— it r~\ ft r\ i 


Assembled And Published By 

The Memorabilia Staff Of The 

At Newark, New Jersey 

1 — r 


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u tl 


The class of 1950 is pleased and proud to 
dedicate its Memorabilia to Nancy Thompson, our 
head librarian. Her contributions to Newark State 
are many, foremost of which are her untiring and 
successful efforts to maintain a well-equipped and 
useful library. An active and enthusiastic alumni 
association is due in large measure to Miss Thomp- 
son's loyal service as adviser to that organization. 
We look forward to knowing her better in that 
capacity. In consulting her in matters of reference 
and research, students find that her knowledge and 
interests, covering a wide range of subjects and 
balanced with a sense of humor and practicality, 
make their investigations meaningful and enjoyable. 
Both students and faculty appreciate her ability 
and ready willingness to help them in locating the 
exact information needed. To Miss Thompson we 
extend our sincere thanks for the many ways in 
which she makes herself a valuable and respected 
member of our college family. 

*ver shall we honor 
he ideals you have taught, 
vet truly cherish 

lifts you have brought. 

pose of our strife 
o make a living 
But nobly make a life. 

The Ballet— High 

MARY RUTH CHRISTY * Kindergarten- 
Primary: Dance Study I; Camera Club 
2: F. T. A. 4; Sigma Kappa Phi 2, 3, 4, 
Secretary 4. * Chris of the Crosley . . . 

■friendly . . . member of the international 


Elementary: Arts and Crafts Club I; 
Science and Math Club 2, 3, Treasurer 
3; F. T. A. 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 4. * Long 
distance commuter . . . interested in 
music . . . playground professor. 

Elementary: Dance Study Club I ; Camera 
Ciub 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3; F. T. A. 4. * 
"Marge" . . . unruffled . . . sweet and 

Norms Theatre Guild I, 2, 4; Pi Eta 
Sigma I, 2, 3, 4, Acting Corresponding 
Scribe 3; Camera Club 3; Memorabilia 
I, 2, 3, 4, Business Manager 3, Associate 
Editor 4; Advisory Committee 3; F. T. A. 
4; Fencing I. * "Dr. u ' nn " • • • bright 
career in politics ... "I have a relative 

STANLEY W. COLE, JR. * General Ele- 
mentary: Basketball 2, 3; Social Commit- 
tee I, Chairman; Mixed Chorus 3, 4; 
Orchestra 2, 3, 4; Riding Club; Sigma 
Theta Chi 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4. * "Stan" 
. . . "The Bishop's Mantle" . . . real 
political figure. 



Three ladies from 29 Palms 

BARBARA CROWE * Fine Arts: Nu 
Theta Chi I, 2, 3, 4, Recording Secre- 
tary 3; Inter Sorority-Fraternity Council 
3, Treasurer; Arts and Crafts Club I, 2; 
Camera Club 3; Student Council 4; 
Memorabilia 4. * "Bobbie" . . . her 
"Maine" interest . . . keeper of the keys 
. . . slow, impressive smile. 



AGNES DE FRANCA * General Ele- 
mentary: Arts and Crafts I ; Glee Club 
I, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4; F. T. A. 
3, 4. * Strings of the violin . . . keys 
of the piano . . . melodious voice. 

JOAN De GRYSE * Fine Arts: Norms 
Theatre Guild I, 2, 3. 4: Alpha Theta Pi 
I, 2, 3, 4, Recording Secretary 3, Nu 
Lambda Kappa 2, 3, 4; Reflector I; 
Memorabilia 3, 4: Fencing I ; Student 
Council I ; Class Corresponding Secre- 
tary 2. * "Diggy" . . . "Up car?" . . . 
Mademoiselle ... "I want to speak to 
you seriously." 

Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4; Student Council 
3; Memorabilia 4; Reflector 4 * "Joe" 
. . . "Want to join the pool?" ... a 
master in his own right. 

Arts: Industrial Arts Guild 2, 3, 4. * 
"Just call me 'Del' "... expert dancer, 
specializing in polkas and the peabody 
. . . sports jackets . . . record collection. 


'Say it with Music" 

' I r >•• 

EILEEN MARIE DEVINE * Kindergarten- 
Primary: Norms I, 2, 3, 4; Reflector I; 
Sigma Kappa Phi 2, 3, 4; F. T. A. 4; 
Memorabilia 4. * Eileen and bridge are 
inseparable . . . fiery locks . . . gentle 
and soft spoken. 

mentary: Alpha Theta Phi 3, 4; Basket- 
ball Club 3, 4; Camera Club 3; Norms 
I; Science Club 2; F. T. A. 4. * Gracious 
smile . . . talented soprano . . . pro- 
ficient typist. 

Elementary (Curriculum for Teachers of 
Handicapped Children): Assembly Com- 
mittee I ; Dance Study I ; Arts and Crafts 
Club I, Fencing Club I; Norms Theatre 
Guild 2; Science and Math Club 3; Glee 
Club 4; Basketball Club I, 2, 3, 4, Vice- 
President 2, 3; Nu Theta Chi I, 2, 3, 4, 
President 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Life 
Camp 2; Class Corresponding Secretary 
I, Recording Secretary 3 * "Pat" . . . 
bridg-it . . . qualities that endear her 
to all. 

MICHAEL J. ELIA * Fine Arts: Paterson 
State Teachers College I; Mixed Chorus 
3, 4; F. T. A. 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Norms 
Theatre Guild 4; Nu Lambda Kappa 2, 
3, 4; Riding Club 2. * "Milte" . . . Pater- 
son express . . . creative thinking and 
writing . . . the "velvet smog." 

JACK R. EVERMAN * Fine Arts: Science 
and Math Club I ; Arts and Crafts Club 
2; F. T. A. 2, 3; Camera Club 4; 
Memorabilia I, 2, 3, 4, Business Manager 
4; Orchestra 4. * Mother's chauffeur 
. . . Dover's drummer; our lover . . . 
calm, cool and collected. 




LUCY FIORENZA * General Elementary: 
Norms I; Arts and Crafts Gup 2; 
Camera Club 3, 4; Auditing Committee 
3. * Individuality . . . vivid imagination 
. . . popular friend. 

LEO R. FOX * Industrial Arts; Industrial 
Arts Guild I, 2, 3, 4; Model Makers 
Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3; Deck 
Tennis I, 2; Nu Sigma Phi 4. * Miniature 
pilot . . . one of the Andrew $isters , . , 
Trenton commuter. 


EILEEN FRIEDMAN * General Elemen- 
tary: Berca College. Kentucky I; Or- 
chestra I, 2: Norms Theatre Guild I, 2; 
F. T. A. 3; Dance Study 3; Pi Eta Sigma 
3, 4; Arts and Crafts Club 4, Treasurer 
4; Memorabilia 4. * Diligent . . . gentle, 
penetrating humor . . . capable. 

HARRY J. GOMMOLL * Fine Arts: Nu 
Lambda Kappa I, 2, 3, 4 Treasurer 2, 
3, President 4; Norms I. * Poppa Bear 
. . . "Mother's" Mimic . . . ex-banker 
. . . executive type. 

JEANETTE GREENE * General Elemen- 
tary: Arts and Crafts Club I ; Norms 
Theater Guild I, 2, 3, 4; Delta Sigma 
Pi 2, 3, 4, Vice-Chancellor 3, Treasurer 
4; Camera Club 4; Memorabilia 4; Inter 
Sorority-Fraternity Council 3, 4. * "Jean- 
nie" . . . infectious giggle . . . "Where's 

Sand Pipers 


Arts: Nu Lambda Kappa I, 2, 3, 4; 
Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Basketball Club 4; 
Dance Study Club I; F. T. A. 3, 4. * 
"Dottie" . . . must own the New Jersey 
Central by now . . . small, but, oh my! 

Parsons School of Design, N. Y. U. I ; 
Nu Theta Chi 2, 3, 4; Camera Club 3, 
4. * Elizabeth librarian . . . Esso Re- 
search . . . lit-ul people and chemical 

ROSEMARIE HAUG * General Elemen- 
tary (Curriculum for Teachers of Handi- 
capped Children): Arts and Crafts Club 
I; Science and Math Club 2, 3; Dance 
Study Club 4; Basketball Club I, 2, 3, 
4; Deck Tennis 2; Assembly Committee 
3. * Bridge to mathematics . . . Yankee 
baseball fan . . . bowling and basket- 

mentary: Norms Theatre Guild I: Riding 
Club I; Arts and Crafts Club 2; Camera 
Club 3, 4, F. T. A. 4; Kappa Delta Pi 
4. * Quiet mind is richer than a crown 
. . . Camera Club picnics . . . graceful. 

EULA HEEBNER * Kindergarten Pri- 
mary: Dance Study Club I ; Camera Club 
2; Science and Math Club 3; Nu Sigma 
Tau 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3; Deck Tennis I, 
2; Social Committee 4, President 4. * 
Pixie ... a little girl at heart . . . 
extensive wardrobe. 

El capitan 


mentary: Arts and Crafts Club 2, 3; 
House Committee 3, 4; F. T. A. 3, 4; 
Mixed Chorus 4; Nu Sigma Tau 4. * 
"Dottie" . . . part time cashier . . . 
"Perth Amqirl." 

mentary: Orchestra I; Camera Club I, 
2, Treasurer I; Riding Club I, 2, 4; 
Science Club 3; Assembly Committee 

2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, 4; Nu Sigma Tau 2, 

3, 4, Vice-President 3. President 4; Class 
Corresponding Secretary 3. * Spirited 
lass . . . never without a coughdrop 
. . . Fords that stall. 

JOHN F. HODGSON * Industrial Arts: 
Arts and Crafts Club I; Mixed Chorus 
2, 3, 4, President 2, 3; Orchestra 3; 
Music Organization Treasurer 4; In- 
dustrial Arts Guild I, 2, 3, 4; Student 
Council I; Athletic Association 2; Epsi- 
lon Pi Tau 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4, 
President 4. * Capable of learning any- 
thing . . . sexton . . . drummer . . . 

Elementary: "I am a regular student of 
senior section 5. I am a member of the 
orchestra and F. T. A. I am a German 
teacher and I come from Heidelberg. 
I have been a teacher for 15 years, my 
favorite grades are 6th, 7th, 8th. I have 
come to America to study the American 
teacher's training and the American edu- 


HADWIG M. HUGG * General Elemen- 
tary: Upsala College, East Orange I, 2, 
3; Women's Glee Club 4. * Studious 
. . . friendly . . . co-operative. 


JOHN J. HYDE * Industrial Arts: In- 
dustrial Arts Guild I, 2, 3, 4. * Took 
a turn for the nurse . . . civil service 
worker . . . repair shop Buick. 

ELINOR C. JOFFE * Kindergarten-Pri- 
mary: Union Junior College, Cranford 
I, 2; F. T. A. 3, 4; Student Council 4. * 
"Jof" . . . meticulous appearance . . . 
a good listener. 

Arts: Industrial Arts Guild I, 2, 3, 4, 
Treasurer 3; Athletic Association I, 
Treasurer I; Nu Sigma Phi 2, 3, 4; Rifle 
Club 4. * "Don" . . . outdoor man . . . 
machinist . . . deer stalker. 

WILLIAM K. JOOST * Industrial Arts: 
Science and Math Club I ; Camera Club 
3; Mixed Chorus 2, 4; Industrial Arts 
Guild 3, 4; Student Council I, 2; World 
Student Service Fund Chairman 2; "Bill" 
. . . country gentleman . . . feet on the 
ground but knows where the sky is. 

MINNA H. KAPHAN * General Elemen- 
tary (Curriculum for Teachers of Handi- 
capped Children): Arts and Crafts Club 
I ; Camera Club 2, 3; F. T. A. 3, 4; Delta 
Sigma Pi 1,2, 3, 4, Recording Secretary 
4. * Never without a joke . . . carefree 
but sensible . . . not a worry in the world. 

The pause that refreshes 


Elementary (Curriculm for Teachers of 
Handicapped Children): Fencing Team 
I. 2; Riding Club 2, 3, 4; Basketball 
Team 2, 3, 4; Athletic Association 3; 
Student Council 3, 4, President 4; Mixed 
Chorus 2, 3, 4; Sigma Theta Chi 3, 4; 
General Elementary Guild 3, 4. * "Kap" 
. . . earnest Abe . . . staunch S. O. 


JOHN J. KEENA * General Elementary: 
Liberal Arts I; Riding Club 2, 3, 4, 
President 3; Social Committee 3; Nu 
Sigma Phi 3, 4; Student Council 4; House 
Committee 4. * Attracted by the "City 
of Brotherly Love" . . . political cam- 
paign manager . . . original wisecracks. 

Elementary: Basketball Club I, 2, 3, 4; 
Camera Club I, 2, 3; Sigma Kappa Phi 
2, 3, 4, Recording Secretary 4; F. T. A. 
4; House Committee 3, 4, President 4. * 
"Peggy" . . . sweet tempered . . . Irish 
through and through. 



dustrial Arts: Newark College of Engi- 
neering I; Industrial Arts Guild 2, 3, 4; 
Model Makers Club 2. 3, 4, Vice Presi- 
dent 4; Nu Sigma Phi 2 3, 4; Camera 
Club 2. * "Bill" . . . hooray for the Irish 
. . . vocalizes at merry occassions . . . 
stock-car jockey. 

EDWARD A. KLINGLER * Industrial Arts: 
Camera Club I ; Science and Math Club 
I; Mixed Chorus 2; Sigma Theta Chi 2, 
3, 4, Corresponding Secretary 3; Indus- 
trial Arts Guild I, 2, 3. 4; Model Makers 
Club 3. * "Ed" . . . cabinet maker . . . 
always present at formals. 


We've come a long way since our days 
of six wild pigtails and green bows 

CAROLYN LERMAN * General Elemen- 
tary: Reflector I; Norms I, 2, 3, 4; Nu 
Lambda Kappa 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Vice- 
President 4; Omega Phi I, 2, 3, 4, Sec- 
retary 4; Inter Sorority-Fraternity Coun- 
cil 4 * "Lynn" . . . Norms headliner . . . 
competes with the F. A's. 

DIANA LEVIN * General Elementary 
(Curriculum for Teachers of Handicapped 
Children): Norms I, 2; Reflector I; 
Omega Phi Sorority I, 2, 3, 4; DSck Ten- 
nis I, 2, 3; Dance Study 3; F. T. A. 3, 4; 
Mixed Chorus 4. * Famous for her mono- 
logues . . . cordial and soft-sooken. 

ELLEN LINDAUER * General Elementary: 
Camera Club I, 2, 3, 4. * "Ellie" . . . 

lively as her hair is bright . . . There's a 
Ford in her future. 



ALVORD LING * Industrial Arts: Indus- 
trial Arts Guild 3, 4; Epsilon Pi Tau 2, 3, 
4, Secretary 4; Model Makers Club 2, 
Secretary-Treasurer; Nu Sigma Phi 2, 3, 
4; Mixed Chorus 2. * "Al" . . . "Ding- 
aling" . . . "Wanta go fishin'?" . . . 
wide open spaces. 

Elementary: Rutgers University, Newark 
I, 2; Mixed Chorus 3, 4; Bowling Club 3, 
4; Student Council 4. * "Judge Link" . . . 

brains and brawn . . . he'll always take' 
you home, Kathleen. 


FRANK LUZZI * Industrial Arts: Indus- 
trial Arts Guild I, 2, 3,. 4; Nu Sigma Phi 
3, 4; Rifle Club 4. * Summer sun tan . . . 
■future political career . . . ready wit. 

ROSITA MacPHEE * General Elementary 
Science and Math Club I, 2, Secretary 2 
Assembly Committee I, 2; F. T. A. 3 
Mixed Chorus 4; Nu Theta Chi 2, 3, 4 
Riding Club I, 2, 3, 4; Class Recording 
Secretary 2. * Colleen . . . WSOU sing- 
ing star . . . and red hair. 

JEROME MARCUS * Industrial Arts: In- 
dustrial Arts Guild I, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 
Team I, Manager; Norms Theatre Guild 
I ; Camera Club 2; Rifle Club 4 * "Jerry" 
. . "Got your lesson plan in?" . . . the 
coaster kid. 

NICK FRED MARINI * General Elemen- 
tary: Science and Math Club I, 2; Mixed 
Chorus 3, 4; Nu Sigma Phi 2, 3, 4; Nu 
Lambda Kappa 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 2, 4; 
Basketball I, 2; Reflector 2, 3; General 
Elementary Guild 4; Student Council 3, 
4, Vice-President 3, Advisory Committee 
4. * Organizer and active leader . . . 
original writings . . . destined for suc- 

ten-Primary: Norms Theatre Guild I; Rid- 
ing Club I; Camera Club 3, 4; F. T. A. 
4; Sigma Kappa Phi 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, 
President 4. * Pride of New England . . . 
congenial mixer . . . femininity person- 


m session 


Elementary (Curriculum for Teachers of 
Handicapped Children): Arts and Crafts 
Club I, 2; Riding Club I; F. T. A. 3, 4, 
Vice-President 4. * "Mona" . . . friend 
to all . . . ardent worker . . . "Still water 
runs deep." 

JOHN MASTROEAN * Industrial Arts: 
Industrial Arts Guild I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 
4; Basketball 2, 3; Nu Sigma Phi 3, 4; 
Student Council 3, 4. * Reserved, efficient 
leader . . . senior court warden . . . 
chauffeur for five girls. 



JOANNE MARIE MAU * General Ele- 
mentary: Norms I, 2, 3, 4, Alpha Theta 
Pi 1,2, 3, 4, Historian 3, 4; Riding Club 
I ; Reflector I ; Memorabilia 3, 4. * Busy 
all the while . . . glowing personality . . . 
always conversing. 

Memorabilia I, 2, 3, 4, Business Manager 
2, Assistant Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4; 
Nu Theta Chi I, 2, 3, 4, Recording Sec- 
retary 2; Basketball Club I, 2, 3, 4; Nu 
Lambda Kappa 2, 3; Arts and Crafts 
Club I, 2; Camera Club 3; Kappa Delta 
Pi 3, 4. * "Peggy" . . . classroom cor- 
respondence . . . Sew what? Sew any- 
thing . . . dependability and dignity . . . 
Memorabilia's Madam Editor. 

ROSALIE V. MAZZEO * General Elemen- 
tary: F. T. A. 2, 3, 4; Memorabilia I ; 
Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4; House Committee 
I, 2, 3; Social Committee 3. * Vocal ap- 
titude . . . fondness for original poetry 
. . . delightful sweetness. 

He did-d-d! 


MARILYN McNISH * General Elemen- 
tary: Alpha Theta Pi 2, 3, 4; Dance Study 
Club I, 4; Riding Club I; Science and 
Math Club 3; F. T. A. 4. * Jiffy stitcher 
. . . up-to-date fashions . . . extremely 

M. JOAN McPHILLIPS * Fine Arts: 
Women's Basketball Club I, 2, 3, 4, 
President 2: Norms Theatre Guild I, 2, 
3, 4: Athletic Association 2; Nu Lambda 
Kappa 2, 3, 4; Memorabilia 4; Nu Theta 
Chi I, 2, 3, 4; Deck Tennis I, 2; F. T. A. 
3, 4. * "Mac" ... St. Patrick's disciple 
. . . Newark State's vaudeville star . . . 
shoots a mean basket. 

New Jersey College for Women I ; 
Norms Theatre Guild 2; Memorabilia 3, 
4. * "Lady of the Lake" . . . firm be- 
liever in the short haircut . . . silkscreen 
artist . . . "Any one going for coffee?" 

JEAN C. MERSFELDER * Fine Arts: Cam- 
era Club I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Vice- 
President 4; F. T. A. 3; Kappa Delta Pi 

3, 4; Memorabilia 2, 3, 4; Nu Theta Chi 
2, 3, 4, Jr. Vice-President 2, Historian 3, 

4. * "Where's Tetley?" . . . perfectionist 
in everything sho does . . . sings to 
Elmer's tune. 


Pratt Institute I, 2; F. T. A. 3, 4; Memora- 
bilia 4; Arts and Crafts 2, 3. * "Mr. Vin- 
cent" . . . banker's hours . . . the finer 
things of life. 

— . 


ELIZABETH A. MOTT * Kindergarten- 
Primary: Norms Theatre Guild I ; Fencing 
I, 2; Woman's Glee Club 2; .Mixed 
Chorus 3, 4; Riding Club I; F. T. A. 3, 
4. * "Bette" . . . sophisticated miss . . . 
'Do we have time for another hand?" 

WILBUR N. NELSON * Industrial Arts: 
Camera Club I, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 2, 
3, 4, President 4; Industrial Arts Guild 
I, 2, 3, 4; Epsilon Pi Tau 3, 4; Class Vice- 
President 2. * "Wibby" . . . "Turtle 
Dove" ... if you ever need an M. C. . . . 
"Lose the customer but never lose your 

LOIS NEWMAN * Kindergarten-Primary: 
University of North Carolina Woman's 
College, Class of '48; Arts and Crafts 
Club 4. * Commuter from Freehold . . . 
capability and genuiness . . . "Gotta' 
catch a train." 

PAUL I. NICHOLS ♦ Industrial Arts: In- 
dustrial Arts Guild I, 2, 3, 4; Nu Sigma 
Phi 4; Rifle Club 4. * Hardware engineer 
. . . New Year — new car . . . hidden 
musical talent. 

• * 

Elementary (Curriculum for Teachers of 
Handicapped Children): Arts and Crafts 
Club I; F. T. A. 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3; 
Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4, Historian 4. * Ser- 
ene . . . for the good of the school . . . 


eral E'ementary (Curriculum for Teachers 
of Handicapped Children): Camera Club 
I ; Fencing I ; Women s Basketball Club 
I, 3, 4; Nu Sigma Tau 2, 3, 4; Norms 
Theater Guild 2, 3, 4. * Irish lass . . . 
company for fun . . . week-ends at Villa- 

Elementary (Curriculum for Teachers of 
Handicapped Children): Riding Club I; 
Student Council 2, 3, Assistant Treasurer 
2, Treasurer 3; F T. A. <t: Omega Phi 
1,2, 3, 4, President 4; Inter Sorority-Fra- 
ternity Council 4, Treasurer 4. * Mathe- 
matician . . . fiancee at her door but had 
to come to Newark State to find him. 

JOSEPH F. PACELLA * Industrial Arts: 
Orchestra I, 2; Industrial Arts. Guild 3, 
4; Epsilon Pi Tau 3, 4, Treasurer 4. * 
"Joe" . . . patron of the library . . . 
flashy vehicles. 




GEORGE J. PAPPAS • Fine Arts: Pater- 
son State Teachers College I, 2; Men's 
Chorus 2. 3, 4; F. T. A. 2, 3, 4. President 
3; Norms 4: Kappa Delta Pi 4. * "Pappy" 
. . . just for the sake of argument" . . . 
puppet enthusiast ... sly old fox. 

mentary: F. T. A. 3, 4. * Cook book in- 
vestigator . . . understanding . . . dancing 
with hubby. 


Mental Hygiene — Mrs. French adds a touch 
of humor with her amusing anecdotes 

HENRY D. PATTERSON * Industrial Arts: 
Science and Math Club I, 2, Vice-Presi- 
dent 2; Industrial Arts Guild I, 2, 3, 4, 
Secretary 3, Vice-President 4; Epsilon Pi 
Tau 2, 3, 4, President 4; Kappa Delta Pi 
3, 4. * "Pat" . . . Put an addition on the 
addition . . . part-time Sam Spade. 

DORIS PEPOON * General Elementary: 
Oneonta State Teachers College, N. Y., 
I, 2, 3; Mixed Chorus 4; F. T. A. 4. * One 
of our newest members . . . quiet and re- 
served . . . friendly company. 

mentary: Women s Glee Club I ; Mixed 
Chorus 2, 3, 4; Omega Phi I, 2, 3, 4: 
Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4, Treasurer 4. * 
"Terry" . . . lessons in homemaking . . . 
discusses school work with lawyer hus- 



Elementary (Curriculum for Teaching of 
Handicapped Children): Norms Theatre 
Guild I, 2; Riding Club I, 2; Fencing I, 
2; Basketball Club 2, 3, 4; Alpha Theta 
Pi 2, 3, 4; Science and Math Club 3; 
Dance Study Club 4; Inter Sorority-Fra- 
ternity Council 2. * Saucy air . . . "Sum- 
mer work is so profitable!" . . . inde- 

AUDREY POWERS * General Elemen- 
tary: Nu Theta Chi I, 2, 3, 4, Vice- 
President 4; Cheerleader Squad I, 2, 3, 
4; Dance Study Club I; Social Commit- 
tee I, 2; Basketball Club I, 2, 4; Arts 
and CrafTs Club I ; Class Vice-President 
3. * New England week-ends . . . 99.44% 
pep . . . vital and voguish 



JEAN B. POWERS * General Elementary: 
Fairleigh Dickinson Junior College I ; Re- 
flector 2; Norms Theatre Guild 2, 3, 4, 
Corresponding Secretary 4; F. T. A. 4; 
Memorabilia 4; Alpha Theta Pi 2, 3, 4. * 
Ingenue parts . . . her smile is part of 
her ... Dr. V. E's. assistant. 



Arts and Crafts Club I, 2; F T. A. 3 
Memorabilia I, 2, 3, 4, Art Editor 3, 4 
Student Council 2, 3, 4; Advisory Com- 
mittee 4; Class Vice-President I, Presi- 
dent 2, 4. * "Clown!" . . . has a knack for 
seeing things through . . . "Sorry, girls" 
. . . versatile. 

JOAN PRUDHOMME * General Elemen- 
tary (Curriculum for Teaching of Handi- 
capped Children): Dance Study I; Ca- 
mera Club 2: Women s Glee Club 3, 4; 
Nu Sigma Tau 3, 4, Recording Secretary 
4; Riding Club I, 2, 3, 4. * Horseback 
riding . . . good cheer . . . vocal in- 


ten-Primary: Arts and Crafts I ; Camera 
Club 2; Women's Glee Club 2, 3, 4; 
Pi Eta Sigma I. 2, 3, 4: Memorabilia 4; 
F. T. A. 4; Inter Sorority Fraternity Coun- 
cil 4. * "Flo" . . . never at a loss for 
words . . . what an imagination! 

mentary (Curriculum for Teaching of 
Handicapped Children): Dance Study 
Club I ; Arts and Crafts Club 1,2; Riding 
Club I ; Camera Club 2, 3, 4; F. T. A. 4. 
* Out of a band box . . . pleasantness 
and quietude . . . refined. 


Where is Frank Lania? 

FLORENCE REGAL * Kindergarten-Pri- 
mary: Norms Theatre Guild I ; Student 
Council 2; Women's Glee Club 2, 3, 4; 
Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; F. T. A. 3, 4. * 
"Flo" . . . industrious poet and knitter 
. . . alto singing. 

NORMA RILEY * General Elementary: 
Reflector I ; Fencing I ; Student Council 
2; Norms Theatre Guild I, 2, 3, 4, Cor- 
responding Secretary 3, President 4; 
Alpha Theta Pi 2, 3, 4; Basketball Club 
2, 3, 4; Memorabilia 3, 4. * "Riley" . . . 
'On stage" . . . liorn leader . . . dance 

KENNETH H. ROLLINS * Industrial Arts: 
Industrial Arts Guild I, 2, 3, 4. * "Ken" 
. . . down east Yankee . . . muster and 
Roll-ins . . . "What do you think about 
that, Ken?" 

LUCY ROSELLO * General Elementary 
(Curriculum tor Teaching of Handicap- 
ped Children): Dance Study Club I; 
Camera Club 2, 3; F. T. A. 3, 4; Norms 
Theatre Guild 3. * Garrulous gal . . . 
Brinkerhoff reading authority . . . poten- 
tial stateswoman. 

mentary: Deck Tennis I ; Dance Study 2; 
Norms Theatre Guild 4. * Vogue fashions 
. . . and new recipes . . . loquacious 



Elementary (Curriculum for Teaching of 
Handicapped Children): Norms I, 2; 
Dance Study Club I, 2; Omega Phi So- 
rority I, 2, 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary 
4; House Committee 3, 4; Memorabilia 
4; F. T. A. 4. * "Bobbie" . . . specializes 
in conversation . . . life of the party. 

THEODORE RULFS • General Elemen- 
tary: Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, 4; Camera 
Club I, 2; F. T. A. 4; General Elemen- 
tary Men's Guild 4, President 4; Class 
Treasurer 4. * "Teddy" . . . outstanding 
ties . . . photostat . . . vocal tune . . . 
good bet as a solon. 

trial Arts: Epsilon Pi Tau 2, 3, 4; Nu 
Sigma Phi 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, 4; 
Basketball 2; Industrial Arts Guild I, 2, 
3, 4. * "Russ" . . . master molder . . . 
polishes brown shoes black . . . always 
in a hurry. 

GLORIA SALERNO * General Elemen- 
tary (Curriculum for Teaching of Handi- 
capped Children): Arts and Crafts I: 
F T. A. 4. * "Glo" . . . fashion mode of 
the times . . . dancing instructor. 

Arts: Industrial Arts Guild I, 2, 3, 4; 
Nu Sigma Phi 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3; Or- 
chestra I, 2, 3; Basketball I, 2, 4. * "Pep" 
. . . plays the sax . . . built his own home 
. . excellent contact man for parties. 


Elementary (Curriculum for Teaching 
Handicapped Children): Norms I, 2; 
Women's Glee Club 2, 3, 4; F. T. A. 4; 
Memorabilia 4; Inter Sorority-Fraternity 
Council 3; Pi Eta Sigma I, 2, 3, 4, Cor- 
responding Secretary 3. * "Bett" . . . 
Tres petite . . . flair for clothes . . . 
''Someone's using my locker." 

ERHARD SCHWEHM * General Elemen- 
tary: Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 
4; Camera Club I, 2, 3, 4. * Maestro 
Fid.dles . . . connoisseur of vino . . . 
breakdown on the Jersey Flats. 

JULIUS SENYSHYN * Industrial Arts: 
Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4, President 3; Mixed 
Chorus 2; Industrial Arts Guild 4. * "Be 
Bop" . . . "Like for example" . . . suede 
clogs . . . keeps up with the maestro. 

Arts: Industrial Arts Guild I, 2, 3, 4; Nu 
Sigma Phi 3, 4; Basketball I, 4. * Harri- 
son hacienda . . . morning inspection 
. . . built his own home . . . 1929 Buick. 

mentary (Curriculum for Teaching of 
Handicapped Children): Camera Club 
I, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4, 
Manager 2, 3, 4; F. T. A. 4; Sigma Theta 
Chi 4. * "Abe" ... a candid camera- 
man . . . co-operative worker. 

Vacation ventures 


JUNE SIMON • General Elementary 
(Curriculum for Teaching of Handicap- 
ped Children): Dance Study I; Riding 
Club I, 2, 3, 4; Deck Tennis I, 2; Social 
Committee 3; Nu Sigma Tau 2, 3, 4; 
Basketball Club 2. * Olympic Park work 
and romance . . . lover of horses . . . 
and an expert rider. 

PHYLLIS SLAVIN * General Elementary 
(Curriculum for Teaching of Handicap- 
ped Children): Norms I; Science and 
Math Club I, 2: Omega Phi I, 2. 3, 4; 
Reflector I, 2; Basketball Club 3; Memo- 
rabilia 4: F. T. A. 3, 4. * "Phyl" . . . 
cards and comedy . . . catching laughter. 

JEWEL SMITH * General Elementary 
(Curriculum for Teaching of Handicap- 
ped Children): Arts and Crafts I; 
Women's Glee Club 2: Sigma Kappa Phi 
I, 2, 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary 2, 
Vice-President 4. * "Smitty" . . . preci- 
ous as her name . . . pleasing and teasing 
. . . 4th floor express. 

Elementary: Arts and Crafts Club I ; 
Basketball Club I, 2, 3; Norms 3: F. T. A. 
4: Women's Glee Club 2, 4. * "Tillie" 
. . . jovial live wire . . . good sport. 

RUTH E. SORG * General Elementary 
(Curriculum for Teaching of Handicap- 
ped Children): Arts and Crafts Club I; 
F. T. A. 2, 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary 
3; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4. * Shares her 
intelligence with others . . . keen interest 
. . . prompt with her work. 

y ? r 

I like mine well done 


DONALD J. STAHL * Industrial Arts: 
Model Makers Club 2, 3, 4; Industrial 
Arts Guild I, 2, 3, 4; Intra-Mural Basket- 
ball 2, 3, 4. * "Don" . . . Byway service 
station . . . "Wake me up" . . . wrecked 

LUCILLE M. STEIN * General Elemen- 
tary: Reflector I, 2; Norms I, 2, 3, 4, 
Assistant Treasurer 3, Treasurer 4; Pi Eta 
Sigma I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 
4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4, Corresponding 
Secretary 4; Riding Club I, 2, 3, 4; F. T. 
A. 2, 4. * Little girl; loads of work . . . 
actress and directress . . . conscientious. 

LOIS M. STURGIS * General Elemen- 
tary: Sigma Kappa Phi 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 
4; Dance Study Club I; Camera Club 
2; Science and Math Club 3. * "Stur"' 
. . . one of the Lois twins . . . summef 
playground worker. 

EDWARD C. SWATT * Industrial Arts 
Guild: Sigma Theta Chi 3, 4, Vice-Presi- 
dent 4; Epsilon Pi Tau 3, 4; Industrial 
Arts Guild I, 3, 4. * "Ed" . . . industry's 
gift to the I. A. . . . perfectionist. 

Elementary: Deck Tennis I; Basketball 
Club I, 2, Captain 2; Norms 3; Women's 
Glee Club I, 2, 4, Assistant Treasurer 
2; F. T. A. 4. * "Terry" . . . aesthetic, 
athletic, able ... a prize guard in bas- 



Model student 

JEAN A. TETLEY * Fine Arts: Camera 
Club I, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Vice-President 2, 
Vice-President 3; F. T. A. 3; Memorabilia 
I, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Nu Theta 
Chi I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, President 3; 
Inter Sorority-Fraternity Council 4. * 
Photo flash . . . ar active participant 
. . . 'Anyone in the darkroom?" 



JOAN S. TOMBLER * General Elemen- 
tary: Dance Study I ; Women's Glee 
Club 2; F. T. A. 2, 3, 4, Corresponding 
Secretary 4; Social Committee 2, 3, 4, 
Treasurer 3. * Girl Scouter . . . lasting 
friend . . . What would F. T. A. do 
without her? 

SOPHIA TORRENCE * General Elemen- 
tary (Curriculum for Teaching of Han- 
dicapped Children): Women's Glee Club 
I, 2; F. T. A. 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 3, 4; 
Deck Tennis I. * Cordial . . . quiet but. 
speaks her mind . . . even-tempered^ 

Elementary: Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4; F. T. A. 
4. * Virtues are many; faults are few 
. . . conscientious and sincere . . . song 

EDWARD P. TRAYNOR * Industrial ArtJ 
Industrial Arts Guild I, 2, 3, 4; Nj 
Sigma Phi 3, 4. * "Mr. T." . . . mastel 
electrician . . . French polish . . . "A| 
U." Commissioner. 


Friendship at Newark State 

MORIA TRAYNOR * General Elemen- 
tary (Curriculum tor Teaching of Handi- 
capped Children): Science and Math 
Club I; F. T. A 4. * A bit of Old Scot- 
land . . . unruffled charm . . . serious 

ELIN C. VENEZIAN * General Elemen- 
tary (Curriculum for Teaching of Handi- 
capped Children): Basketball Club I, 2, 

3, 4, Captain 3; Fencing I; Dance Study 
Club I, 4; Arts and Crafts Club I; 
Camera Club 2, 3; Alpha Theta Pi 2, 3, 

4, Treasurer 4; Inter Sorority-Fraternity 
Council 3, 4. * Trips the light fantastic 
. . . the mystery of last summer . . . 

MARY VERES * General Elementary 
(Curriculum for Teaching of Handicap- 
ped Children): Dance Study I; Mixed 
Chorus 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4; Nu Sigma 
Tau 3, 4, Historian 4; Basketball Club 
3, 4; House Committee 3, 4, Secretary 
3, Treasurer 3. * "Mimi" . . . vim, vigor, 
vitality . . . keyboard artist. 


HARRIET WADLE * General Elementary 
(Curriculum for Teaching of Handicap- 
ped Children): Athletic Committee I; 
Physicology I ; Sigma Kappa Phi 2, 3, 4, 
Vice-President 3; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; 
Camera Club 2. * Vivacious miss . . . 
boogie woogie . . . cunning wisecracks. 

JOHN WATAHA * Industrial Arts: In- 
dustrial Arts Guild I, 2, 3, 4; Student 
Council I; F. T. A. 2; House Committee 
I, 2, 3, 4 ; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Nu 
Sigma Phi 2, 3, 4; Class President 3. * 
"Chief" . . . hook, line and sinker . . . 
ties . . . third floor hideout. 


SUSAN WHEALDON * General Elemen- 
tary: Simmons College, Boston, Massa- 
chusetts I, 2, 3; Women's Glee Club 4. * 
A welcome member to the senior class 
. . . vocal talents. 

EVELYN ZECCA * Genera! Elementary 
(Curriculum for Teaching of Handicap- 
ped Children): Bloomfield Junior Col- 
lege; Cornell University; F. T. A. 2, 3, 
4, Recording Secretary 4; Memorabilia 
2, 4; Sigma Kappa Pi 3, 4. * "Lyn" 
. . . raven hair . . . striking wardrobe 
. . . amiable. 

HARRIET ZELEFSKY * Kindergarten-Pri- 
mary: Dance Study Club I; Pi Eta Sigma 
I, 2, 3, 4; F. T. A. 3, 4; Camera Club 
4; Student Council 3. * "Dimples" . . . 
efficiency spiced with humor . . . Oh, 
those shoes! 


1ST ROW, Left to Right: M. Kehoe, G. Anderson, C. BuUcca (Secretary), D. 
J. Marcus. 2ND ROW: J. Brooks, E. Traynor, D. Johnson, J. Brooks, J. 
(President), H. Paterson (Vice-President), R. Nichols, V. Russomagno. 3 
E. Klinger, C. Foster, K. Rollins, W. Joost, L. Buchner, J. Hallady, J. Hyde, 
D. Stahl, R. Brittle, L. Fox. 4TH ROW: H. Thompson, L. White, R. Del 
L. Mandelbaum, J. Hodson, W. Barrett, A. Vander Does, A. Vander Does, A, 
Berni, J. McLean, J. Courtney, J. Maclcroy, M. Williams, H. Buckley, F. 
R. Becker, D. Gravenhost, C. Crane, W. Solimine, W. Brandt, P. Corrado, 
sano. 6th ROW: J. Palumbo, B. Tonnesen, T. Kroenar, J. Slakely, S. G 
Perello, C. Cassiti, B. Davis, C. Whichard, F. Vogt, Dr. Frankson (Adviser 

R. Speling, Mr. Richmond (Adviser). 

. Tarvis, J. Wataha, W. Kingston, 
Mastroean (Treasurer), J. Bolger 
RD ROW: E. Swatt, E. Schuman, 

R. Delia Penta, J. Pacella, A. Ling, 
lo Russo, C. DeMicco, J. Bellina, 

Stenis, C. Kosteleim, J. Muniz, C. 

Averse 5TH ROW: V. Martin. 

G. McElroy, A. Beisler, A. Palmi- 
rossman, R. Carter, M. Locov, R. 
), Mr. Earl (Adviser), P. Cambell, 


There has been much activity in the Guild this year, 
stimulating the entire industrial arts student body. Field 
trips, movies, and speakers all served to bring the student 
teachers closer to the actual conditions existing in our tech- 
nological world. The Guild's policy aids each member in 
correlating his efforts with those of other teachers in the 
areas where he hopes to attain professional status. All par- 
ticipants subscribe enthusiastically to the club's tenents. 
Social activities, too, constitute an important feature on the 
year's agenda. 

Both the students in the Guild and their adviser, Dr. 
Carl Frankson, are confident that such activities will lead 
to more effective industrial arts teaching on elementary and 
secondary levels. 



The highlight of the Junior year is the eight weeks 
of practice teaching in January and February. This year, 
for the first time, the student observation period was held 
between the winter and spring terms. This policy enables 
the Juniors to have more evenly distributed semesters. Stu- 
dents from our class were sent to the seven practicum 
centers where the observations of teacher techniques proved 
to be of tremendous value to us. 

At the annual Junior Assembly our class presented 
a series of imaginative skits satirizing the teacher's quest 
for a place in this everchanging world. The fun we had in 
presenting this program is typical of the general spirit of 
the class. Another highlight on our social calendar was the 
Junior Prom which proved to be a gala and welcome affair, 
after two months of serious work out in the field. 

LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Del Russo (President), A. Beisler (Vice- 
President), R. Schaeffer (Secretary), J. Yalintino. 


A little more crescendo 

Food for thought 

'Let's all meet at my house." 

1ST ROW, Left to Right: H. Widd'ts, M. Kehoe, N. Ciccone, F. Haudati, M. Rudd, R. Schaeffer, D. Freeman, 
S. Pascal, G. Grittin, R. Alstow, G. Pasquale, F. Biscobel, S. Comunale, B. Card, M. Tuttle, H. Kedersha. 
2ND ROW: E. 0"'"lan. S. Berger, B. Pepe, B. Wilson, M. Galanti, B. Piche, S. Sobolowslci, C. Schenkel, D. 
Hickey, M. Zwang, J. Valentino, J. Smith, D. Markowsky, L. Jellinek, R. Klein, E. lanozzi, N. Troy, J. Cunning- 
ham. 3RD ROW: Z. Huff, C. Klein, B. Chestnut, N. Petrouly, M. Cerillo, R. Stark, E. Marshall. L. Bodet, R. 
DeWar, I. Powers, I. Hollander, V. Ferrarer, C. DiPietro, A. Rights, V. Koodel, D. Klemowiti, O. Miseyko, J. 
Roesel, J. Ingandella, M. Forgionne. 4TH ROW: E. Dimer, M. Wilderman, J. Tamburo, A. Beisler, L. 
Hallinan, D. Kahrmann, A. Moore, R. Becker, L. White, B. Johnson, L. Swope, J. Halady, J. Porretto, M. Veres, 
B. Barnes, W. Troublefield, R. Del Russo, E. Schuman, J. Pijas. 



1ST ROW, Left to Right: N. Dodson, B. McKinney, J. Smith, J. Berll, R. O'Brien, D. Stifeli, B. Kati, E. 
Drew, R. Bachant. 2ND ROW: R. Wnukowslci, J. Deinzelc, M. Goveliti, D. Read, H. Flood, H. Pross, 
M. Roy, H. Gundel, C. Donatiello, J. Levinson, J. Repalc, D. McLean, M. Barbieri. 3RD ROW: J. 
Williams, R. Bernhard, M. Rocltoff. B. Belter, O. Viola, M. Gibbons, G. Swanson, M. Showa, S. Lein- 
wand. 4TH ROW: R. DeForrest, G. Koepeher, F. Callaghan, A. Phelan, J. Miclcel, G. Mess, R. 
D'Allegro, G. Bland, D. Teirsiclt, R. O'Mara, L. Jacula. 5TH ROW: V. Victor, H. Fredrickson, J. Price, 
L. Fass, V. Hester, C. Bailey, E. Scott, C. Nicholas, J. Schaefer, J. Sullivan, E. Lenchan, B. Neary! 
6TH ROW: J. Huitson, R. Macan, N. Schodey, M. MaGee, T. Kelly, P. Dodson, E. Luce, C. Schneider, 
M. Juhasz, M. Moriarty, D. Chojniclc, J. Sullivan, E. Maag, J. Meyer, B. Sinner, D. Johan. 7TH ROW: 
S. Shapero, L. Kanya, M. Sandal, R. Wilderatter, J. Van Riper, E. Serra, F. Ehmal. 

Probably there is just as much of the "wise fool" 
characteristic in the present Sophomore class as in any sec- 
ond year group of the past at N.S.T.C. Yet the members 
of the class of '52 feel that they are proving themselves to 
be responsible and earnest students, aware of the possi- 
bilities for present and future service. They have demon- 
strated enthusiasm and good will, particularly in their hazing 
of the Freshmen. The excellent Sophomore Assembly pro- 
gram gave us all reason to expect many good things from 
this class. 



LEFT TO RIGHT: A. Phelan (Treasurer), M. Mor 

arty (President), G. Anderson (Vice-President 

B. Jones (Secretary). 

1ST ROW, Lett to Right: H. Thompson, J. Leswick, R. Berkowitz, G. Mingo, A. Menton, R. Lifland, 
M. Linker, J. Ackerly, D. DeMaio, B. Jones. 2ND ROW: I. Murdock, D. Denburg, J. Gaier, R. 
Deutsch, D. Giffonello, R. Feingold, B. Coons, E. Boccia, A. Brown, V. Hester, H. Gasper. 3RD ROW: 
B. Jones, L. Gudson, J. Calanan, P. Farley, P. Johnson, A. Coriente, M. Cobbs, M. Riizo, D. Carter, 
R. DeForrest, G. Koepchen. 4TH ROW: J. Schaeter, E. Linehen, R. Macan, M. Newmark, L. Fonseca, 
G. Ahderson. 5TH ROW: J. Courtney, J. Bellina, A. Devers, B. Herring, A. Giffoli, R. Aircisiewski, 
D. Shapero. 6TH ROW: R. Schaffer, W. Barret, G. Cassat, V. Martin, P. Corato. 7TH ROW: A. 
Palmisano, B. Schaeffer, J. Ridgeway, F. Marmo, S. Grossman. 8TH ROW: A. Vander Does, W. 
Brandt, G. McElroy, F. Vogt, L. Mandelbaum, G. Johnson. 9TH ROW: R. Speling, W. Solomine, 

J. Blakely. 


1ST ROW, Left to Right: H. Moore, E. Fuchs. M. 
Van Breeman. 2ND ROW: R. Carter, M. Weber. 

1ST ROW, Left to Right: P. Coopenmith, B. Daly, J. Kenah, H. Foxe, P. Krauth, D. Preuss, A. Collins, F. 
Kafaf, K. Robinion, M. Ricigliano, P. Sturgii, B. Rinaldy. 2ND ROW: F. Goldblatt, B. Kargaroff, M. Rohrer, M. 
Bilinski. 3RD ROW: P. Fisher, B. Johnson. J. Dilworth, M. Goldfein, F. Schaefer, M. Feickert. 4TH ROW: 
A. Miccielli, E. Miller, M. DiFiore, C. Grimes, A. Wittenmeyer, R. Hildenbrant, D. Andrews, P. Stein, R. Lieb- 
man, A. Palish, E. Bolden. 5TH ROW: M. Stewart, M. Washington, J. Weiss, T. Kroener, C. Berni, H. Goehl, 
A. Sterris, R. Fanaroff, C. DeMicco, H. Carter, H. Moore, F. Manti. 


1ST ROW: Left to Right: J. Tuinik, I. Pedota, B. MacDonald, A. Cladek, R. Loevsky. 2ND ROW: B. Cox, J. 
Carpenter, J. Seufert, M. Mandel, M. Harris, N. Jaeger, R. Liebman. 3RD ROW: M. Ginsburg, P. Bowen, L 
Dardick, R. Wolfe, M. Rohrer, A. Buono, M. Walsh. 4TH ROW: F. Ippolito, C. Leccese, E. Fuchs, B. Daly, 
J. Blackwell, J. Kenah, P. Sturgis, J. Byrne, B. Rinaldy. 5TH ROW: X. Salemme, C. Dunekack, J. O'Leary, R. 
Maffei, M. Walsh, F. LoBello, J. Weiss, R. Hekkey. 6TH ROW: J. Chagnon, B. Wood, A. Robinson, E. Traet- 
tino, B. Carey. 7TH ROW: J. Pellicano, R. Hildebrant, D. DeNicholas, R. Passacantando, M. Fastige. 8TH 
ROW: F. Palomba, A. Lewis, E. Dembowici, J. Cappello, J. Hawthorne, D. Ponio, R. Reichardt, H. Goehl, 

S. Harder. 

Topped off with flashy Frosh beanies, an un- 
precedented group of two-hundred and seven 
newcomers made their official debut at the Sopho- 
more-Freshman Party last fall. After having suc- 
cessful!/ survived a series of rigorous orientation 
and hazing sessions, the members of the class of 
1953 soon became acclimated to life at Newark 
State. They are now well established as an integ- 
rated part of the college and all its activities. The 
Freshman Show and Afternoon of Fun gave ample 
proof of the lively spirit that is a marked charac- 
teristic of this class. 

Freshmen Frustration 


SEATED, Left to Right: J. Anderson, N. Marini, J. Keena, T. Ruefs (President), Dr. Gilligan 

(Adviser), H. Kedersha, A. Sherman. STANDING: A. Kaplowiti, F. Lania, S. DeMaio, M. 

Rocha (Secretary), D. Shapiro, J. Peiluano, G. Johnston, X. Salemme, W. Harring, H. 

Linlcin, F. Marmo, A. Geier, J. Ridgewa (Treasurer), H. Skirbst. 

For the past two years, the men of the General Ele- 
mentary Curriculum have met for discussions of vocational 
problems and opportunities. This year, the organization 
was formed officially as the General Elementary Men's 
Guild. Its members have designed a program which in- 
cludes movies, guest speakers, and varied social activities. 
As future teachers, the men hope that the Guild will grow 
each year and will become a professional and cultural asset 
to the college. 


If we are to fully understand democracy and teach it 
^^ as well, we must have actual experience in its operation, 

^k Opportunity in this direction is given to every student here 

at college for each one automatically becomes a member of 
the Student Organization and may actively participate in 
it. All students share in the election of the President and 
Vice-President of the Organization. The student council is 
the governing body of the school with representatives from 
each section. Members are given helpful guidance by Dr. 
DougaJI, our adviser, and by Dr. Whiteman and Mr. 

The student council works continually to solve school 
problems. Its most important duty is the disbursement of 
student funds and the appointment of student members of 
special committees. The Council is a strong link between 
DR. JOHN B. DOUGALL students and faculty. Its meetings are conducted by par- 
liamentary procedure and, through the efforts of this con- 
scientious group, we at Newark State see democracy at 



LEFT TO RIGHT: H. Thompson (Recording Secretary), E. Ouin'an (Treasurer), 

J. Provine, Z. Huff (Vice-President), A. Kaplowiti (President), Dr. Dougall 

(Adviser), M. Farley (Assistant Treasurer), R. Dello Russo, M. Moriarty, A. 

Moore (Corresponding Secretary). 


1ST ROW: Z. Huff, H. Thompson, A. Kaplowiti, E. Quinlin, A. Moore, O. Miseylco, S. Berger, H. Biier, A. Telfer, 

J. Jenkins. 2ND ROW: E. Disner, A. Hilderbrant, R. DeForrest, H. Kedersha, J. Mastroean, J. Huysman. 3RD 

ROW: H. Fredrichon, E. Lihehan, Sohan, H. Linlcin, M. Kehoe, J. Keena. 4TH ROW: S. Pascal, N. Molin, 

B. Davis, J. Bellina, F. Marmo, J. Chagnon, Moore. 




Spills and thrills at Club Parade. 

Oh, How we enjoyed Donald Gage! 

Kentucky folk tunes 


Throughout the school year of 1949-50, the 
Assembly Committee has presented a well-integ- 
rated program. Both outside talent and student 
efforts were used to make each Thursday morning 
program worth attending. 

Tom Scott, well-known singer of folk songs; 
Donald Gage, Paper Mill Playhouse favorite; Joseph 
Auslander, novelist and critic; the Cole Marionettes; 
an accomplished Negro Quartet; and Ivin Sander- 
son, lecturer, all were outstanding performers from 
professional fields. 

Hidden talents were discovered among the 
students too. Norms Guild gave entertaining plays; 
each class put on a variety show, and the Dance 
Study Club was "terrific." Particularly vivid re- 
membrances of Dr. Dougall's Thanksgiving talk and 
of our Christmas Festival will make this year one 
for which to thank our persistently active Assembly 

You sly old fox! 

LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Bellina, M. Galanti, R. Haug, E. Hoclcmuth, Dr. Shea (Adviser), G. Swanson, 

H. Dentsh, F. Ippolito. 







A small group of sixteen students who do 
a "man-sized" job are the members of the Social 
Committee. Their major responsibilities consist of 
putting on the Christmas program, the Junior and 
Senior teas, and the two big all-school dances. The 
committee engages the co-operation of additional 
students, as well, to help them in these activities. 
To a great extent the general spirit of the college 
is dependent upon the outcome of this group's 
ventures and, we are proud to say, they are always 

Calling all girls. 

LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Simon (Treasurer), F. Giscobel, M. Aug, M. Stewart, E. Plunltett, D. Kutcher, E. 
Heebner (President), R. Feingold, J. Gaier, G. Anderson, E. Traettino, B. Wigler (Secretary). 


1ST ROW, SEATED, Left to Right: M. Veres, M. Kiernan (Treasurer), C. Bailey, J. Prod- 

homme (Secretary), W. Brandt, E. Swope, R. Tauber, M. Masarsky, M. Cirillo, F. Petruoly, 

G. Walters, H. Kunak, J. Keena, L. Kohke (Chairman), Dr. H. Whiteman (Adviser). 

Our House Committee is the "housewife" of 
this busy commuting college. To this non-glamorous 
organization fall the duties of maintaining a more 
comfortable atmosphere throughout the school. 

Tasks for the members include care of stu- 
dent mail, supervision of bulletin boards, regulation 
of parking facilities, and coping with the crowded 
conditions in the cafeteria and Tudor Room. These 
jobs and other miscellaneous activities are most 
instrumental in making Newark State another home, 
away from home. 

Early morning interlude 



SEATED: R. Makinnon (President), G. Mess (Secretary), J. Palumbo. STANDING: T. 
Kroench (Treasurer), D. Porcio, J. Chagnon, J. Marcus. 

Newest of the clubs at our college is the 
Rifle Club, the first organization of this type to be 
founded at Newark State for many years. 

While encouraging competitive activities, 
its members are interested chiefly in learning the 
fundamentals of marksmanship and of the safe ana 
proper handling of firearms. 



1 1 i*f ' 





1ST ROW, Left to Right: R. Macan, E. Linehan, J. Schaefer, A. Phelan, R. Liebman, D. McLean, J. 
Hewitson (President), A. Chaslces, E. Friedman (Treasurer). 2ND ROW: H. Frederickson (Vice- 
President), Mr. Tatton (Adviser), V. Victor, J. Anderson, O. Viola, B. Jones, L. Newman. 

Arts and Crafts Club members have access to many creative 
activities. Work is done in the fields of ceramics, leather, metal 
and plastic. The group also enjoys an active social life, with guest 
speakers, demonstrations, and supper meetings. Under the congenial 
supervision of Mr. Douglas Tatton all in this club are encouraged and 
enlightened in their artistic endeavors. 


The Camera Club aims to teach the basic elements of 
photography and provides opportunity to perform individual experi- 
ments with several types of cameras, lighting and solutions. Through 
these experiences the members work to gain insight into the pro- 
cedures involved in producing photographic impressions. 


1ST ROW, Left to Right: H. Gundell, J. Tetley, E. Hedge, L. Rahenkamp, J. Green, R. Macan, R. 
Brasken, E. Lindeuer. 2ND ROW: R. D'Allegro (Secretary), J. Mersfelder (Vice-President), N. Flood, 
H. Pross, J. Schasfer, M. Coffey, E. Marshall, B. Chestnut, J. Maroys, M. Rockoff (Treasurer), M. Aug, 
J. Repak, B. Lynch. 3RD ROW: Mr. Earl (Adviser), S. Shapario, H. Kreis, J. Pijas, A. Sherman 
(President), H. Sachs, M. Veres, J. Courtney. 


Although in existence for only three years, 
the Mixed Chorus is a very popular extra-curricular 
activity. Its repertoire is a varied one, including 
both contemporary and classical selections. This 
club is open to anyone possessing a fair amount of 
musical ability and a genuine interest in group 

Combining their talents with those of the 
Orchestra and Glee Club, the Mixed Chorus pre- 
sented an impressive Christmas program. Their 
singing is an invaluable contribution to the yearly 
graduation exercises. 

1ST ROW, Left to Right: G. Griffon, B. Piche, B. Wilson, J. Hodgson, A. Mentan, R. MacPhee. 2ND ROW: 
R. Schaeffer M. Stewart, A. Telfer, L Walsh, R. Alston, N. Ciccone, L. Bodet, N. Gchooley, J. Dodson, M. 
Zigenfus, E. Disner, N. Dodson, S. Torrinee, J. Levinson, E. Pinkus, D. Pepoon. 3RD ROW: J. Bland, G. Tuosto, 
E 0"i"lan D. Klunowiti, S. Berger, S. Macioci, J. Berth, G. Koepchen, J. Wrigley, R. Starke, S. Leinwand, 
V. Hester, J. Price, D. Carter, D. Levin, A. Clifton, J. Williams. 4TH ROW: F. Ippolito, A. Gifoli, G. John- 
ston H Bleecker, J. Brooks, J. Brooks, J. Campbell, H. Kedersha, J. Cappello, F. Lanio, A. King, R. Barnes, A. 
KaplowHz. 5TH ROW: T. Pellicano, V. Salemme, N. Marini. G. McElroy, J. Blakely, W. Brandt, W. F,elder, 
H Lewis H Linkin, W. Joost, T. Rulfs, G. Pilkington, D. Whitakee, H. Moore, S. Cole, M. Elia, R. Arc.szewsk.. 


1ST ROW, Left to Right: L. French, F. Hollaender, J. Berth, A. DeFranco, N. Molin. 2ND ROW: L. Walsh, 

P. Farley, L. Buchner, M. Rocha, D. DeMaio, A. Gifoli, C. Cicero, D. Tursick, S. Pascal. 3RD ROW: J. Wrigley. 

R. Schaeffer, S. Harder, S. Cole, K. Salemme, F. Ippoliro. 4TH ROW: N. Marini, W. Troublefield, J. Everman, 

L. Walsh, J. Hodgsen, D. Bandolyai, M. Connors, M. Zigenfus, M. Shaeve. 

This year's orchestra is bigger and better than any in the 
school's history. It is unusual that a college of our enrollment could 
produce such a fine and active musical group. Orvce each week 
for a period of two hours the halls of N.S.T.C. resound with the 
music of the orchestra in rehearsal. 

Under Mr. Serrish's direction, the novice can receive a 
wealth of training, and the more accomplished musician can gain 
a keener understanding of the more subtle music techniques. This 
orchestra furnishes an excellent opportunity for group participation 
and music appreciation. 

1ST ROW, Left to Right: C. Dunilcack, M. Walsh, F. Rabinowitz, B. Sheetman, J. Prudhomrrre, A. Milano, Mis. 
Rogers (Adviser), M. Casciano, D. Baldolyai, K. Robinson, M. Ricigliano, G. Pasquale. 2ND ROW: C. Lec- 
cese, R. DeForrest, D. Denberg, L. Roussou, N. Torborg, R. Bachant, I. Terrell, J. Bayuk, R. Maiieo, D. Andrews, 
R. Gerdes, J. Smith, M. Burke. 3RD ROW: A. Miccaelli, B. Wood, A. Hildebrandt, L. Kanya, J. Van Ripper 
(Vice-President), K. Smith, D. Kutcher, A. DeFranca, J. Hatton, D. Andrews, E. Scott, J. Valetino, H. Hugg. 
4TH ROW: O. Miseyko (Secretary-Treasurer), R. Herrer, M. Moriarty, B. Drew (President), E. Adams, M. Smith, 
R. Schneider, D. Stivaley, R. Trautwein, J. Selbiger, M. Weber, J. Weisman, E. Hockmuth, V. Krodel, S. Wheldor. 

An active musical organization in our school, the Glee Club 
has been formed to present choral arrangements tor women's voices. 
Ever since this club was formed, its director, Miss Laura Rogers, 
has successfully conducted varied and interesting programs. Today 
the Glee Club is know for its harmonious blending of jltos and 
sopranos in the presentation of outstanding choral selections. Their 
vvell-trained voices filled our halls at Christmas time with the sing- 
ing of traditional carols. 

i rr n 


Costuming, make-up, properties, actors, and good productions 
— Norms Theatre Guild has them all. Norms presents one or more 
one-act plays in assembly during each year, while, behind scenes, 
various committees co-operate to make each performance a success. 
The highlight of this year was Philip Barry's "Holiday" in which both 
present students and alumni took part, and which was received by 
enthusiastic audiences. 

Each week during club hour Norms members gather in the 
Tudor Room to discuss the latest Broadway productions or to listen 
to recordings of readings and dramatic sketches. An intelligent 
understanding of the functions and relationship of the various aspects 
of the theater arts is a main objective underlying all activities of 
Norms Theater Guild. 

1ST ROW, Left to Right: H. Thompson, L. Stein, M. O'Conner, B. Neary (Recording Secretary), J. Powers 
(Corresponding Secretary), Dr. Vaughn Eames (Adviser), N. Troy, N. Riley (President), B. Card, J. deGryse, 
J. Snyder, A. Brophy. 2ND ROW: R. Liebman, L. BucSner, A. Weissman, M. Galyanti, J. Miclcel, B. Belfer, Z. 
Huff, M. Rockoff, J. Bergman, I. Powers, J. Kame, H. Casper, J. Gaier. 3RD ROW: G. Anderson (Vice-Presi- 
dent), R. Deutsch, M. Farley, S. DeMaio, M. Roche, S Comunale, J. McPhillips, G. Pappas, C. Lerman. 4TH 
ROW: H. Rosenberg, R. Passacantando, 5TH ROW: M. Wilderman, M. Govelitz, G. Mess, N. Freda, R. 
Braslcin. 6TH ROW: J. Meyer, E. Maag, N. Sohan, D. lacobucci, C. Donatiello, M. Elia. 7TH ROW: B. 
Sinner, P. Dodson, J. Sullivan, R. Wilderotter, N. Bohl, A. Bothner, T. Leone. 


In line with modern educational trends, a Future 
Teachers of America group was organized at Newark State 
in 1947. The chapter is named in honor of Dr. John S. 
French, who, as professor of Social Sciences in this college 
from 1931 to 1945, personified to faculty and students 
alike the highest professional ideals. 

This organization is the only one in the college that 
gives all students the opportunity to participate actively in 
both State and National Education Associations. 

The club attempts to give teachers in training a 
background in both professional and social activities. An- 
other aim is to encourage superior young men and women 
to choose teaching as a career. One of the most note- 
worthy activities of the year was the sponsoring of visits 
from high school groups to our college. Guest speakers, 
movies, discussions, literary publications and field trips 
provide valuable professional experiences and contacts for 
the future teachers Newark State is training. 

1ST ROW, Left to Right: M. Kehoe, H. Kunak, D. Hnatkow, I. Terrell, R. Martinelli (Vice-President), J. Tom- 
bler (Corresponding Secretary), B. Schechtman, J. Huysman, F. Rabinowiti, J. Tamburo (President), R. Distasio, 
N. Riley, M. Elia (Treasurer), S. Macioci, A. DeFranca, J. Bayuk, R. Maneo, D. Bandayai, M. Acsciarto C. Ross 
(Recording Secretary), R. Sabilia, H. Widdis, E. Forgione, M. Tuttle. 2ND ROW: A. Noll, R. Stalk. R. Sorg, 
D. Chojiniski, A. Clifton, M. Smith, J. Michel, M. Rockoff, B. Belfer, S. Torrence, R. Trautwein, E. Marshall, A. 
Moore, D. Kutcher, H. Parrillo, H. Bizer. 3RD ROW: A. Cohn, G. Anderson, J. Ridgeway, G. Pappas, A. 

King, C. Koehler, R. Tunis, B. Tanenson. 


1ST ROW, Left to Right: N. Jaeger, R. Gottfried, D. Moore, D. Preuss, A. Collins, E. Scudese, E. Rinaldy, P. 
Sturgis, M. Rohrer. 2ND ROW: R. Lowvslty, A. Moore, M. Crillo, C. Artym (Secretary-Treasurer), E. Mar- 
goiy (President), J. Ingandela (Vice-President), M. Andriola, N. Huntington, B. Daly, F. Lobello. 3RD ROW: 
M. Elliott, C. Schneider, B. Jones, E. Serra, P. Rizzo, B. Johnson, B. Kargaroff, D. Tursick, M. Frederick, M. 

Collins, M. Fastige, J. Kenah. 

This active club teaches an appreciation of various 
phases of the dance with an emphasis on the interpretive 

In assembly last fall the group gave an original 
production, "Dance Study Goes to Press!" All the dances 
in the show were created by the members themselves. The 
ingenuity, enthusiasm, and exceptional talent displayed by 
all those participating in the performance made it one of 
the best programs ever presented at Newark State. 



1ST ROW, Left to Right: J. Provine (Art Editor), P. May (Editor). P. Slavin. J. 
Mersfelder, J. Tetly, N. Huntington, H. Widdis, J. Green, R. Braskin, R. Roth- 
waclts. 2ND ROW: N. Schooky, M. Ciccone, F. Rabinowitz, M. Berman, M. 
Brady (Assistant Editor). 3RD ROW: M. Tuttle, M. Rockoff, D. Bokrowski, J. 
Bolan, W. Aitken, G. Swanson, H. Meek, F. Lania, V. Victor (Assistant Art Edi- 
tor). 4TH ROW: J. Byrne. H. Fox, M. Stewart, B. Aug, J. Mau, N. Riley, J. 
Powers, J. Repak, J. Everman (Business Manager), G. Anderson. 


Dr. Gilligan 

Miss Rafferty 





Mr. McMenamin 




Memorabilia Staff has learned much in the process of pro- 
ducing the 1950 year book. Delving info files for records of our 
college's past history, we have become enlightened in our rich 
heritage. Doing "write-ups'' made us aware of the innermost spirit 
of each separate organization in our school. The art department 
and the group working on photography spent many busy hours 
arranging suitable materials for the book. Consultations with the 
printer and talks with our advisers, Miss Rafferty and Dr. Gilligan, 
have enabled us to work more efficiently. 

It is a satisfaction to feel that we are working for a publication 
which is of vital interest to every student. Our sincere hope is that 
each one will be proud of this year's Memorabilia. 

Associate Editor 

Assistant Editor 

-J<£^ w- 

Business Manager 

Art Editor 


1ST ROW: L. Hallinan, M. Forgione. 2ND ROW: L Van 
Riper, J. McDermott (Vice-President), M. Walsh, G. John- 
ston (President), Miss Seager (Adviser), B. Stone, H. Biier 
(Secretary), P. Coopersmith. 3RD ROW: A. Geier, 
H. Skirbst. 


Friday morning club hour finds Forum Club members 
engaging in lively discussion and debate. Topics cover a 
wide range of interests, with emphasis on current national 
and international problems. Frequently, prominent men 
and women from- various professional fields speak to the 
members at regular club meetings. Special activities for 
this year include visiting Lake Success, participating in an 
intercollegiate debate, and sponsoring an assembly speaker. 
An annual party or picnic will close the year's program. 



LEFT TO RIGHT: D. McLean, M. Elia, G. Dudson, D. Den- 
burg (Secretary), H. Gommoll (President), J. Mc Phillips. C. 
Lerman (Vice-President), T. Dilworth (Treasurer). 


Students interested in creative writing constitute the mem- 
bership of Nu Lambda Kappa. A major project each year is the 
publication of an anthology of student writing, printed and bound by 
the members themselves. 

Nu Lambda Kappa is associated with the National Pioneer 
Trails Association, a society which works to perpetuate the historic 
sites and traditions of our country. 


1ST ROW, Left to Right: D. Shapiro (Assistant Editor), N. Molin (Art Editor), R. Klein (Associate 
Editor), T. Leone. 2ND ROW: C. Donatiello, R. Schaeffer, R. Johnson (Feature Editor). 3RD ROW: 
M. Balinski, H. Pross, M. Newmark (Assistant Business Manager), Mr. Downes (Adviser), J. Courtney, 
W. Brandt (Sports Editor), L. Jaculla, R. Stark, D. Chojnicki, B. Cavis, A. Weissman, F. Bi»cobel. 



Our college newspaper has made some interesting 
changes this year. A new bi-weekly newspaper has re- 
placed the former monthly news magazine. Our new publi- 
cation aims to give both sides of controversial questions as 
well as to keep u r . up to date with educational, athletic and 
social highlights of our college community. Through polls, 
questionnaires, and letters to the Editor, the staff has 
allowed the student body to decide its policies. The 
Reflector sincerely tries to live up to its title, to record ac- 
curately the voice of Newark State. 











J. Deinier, E. Ernish, 

A. Powers, L Bodet. 

CdW^ ' - 





. 1 11 

B >Vfl Btt J 





K3S A 

^ 4t 

^B — l&dfr. 5& 


el ■ 



LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Huvitson (Vice-President), C. Buleca (President), V. Martin (Assistant 
Treasurer), F. Marmo, Mr. D'Angola (Adviser), F. Mantz, N. Molin, M. Burrows, 

V. Hester (Secretary). 

]ti [j n 
ILL u 


n ]j r 
U I 


Every student is a member of the Athletic Association at 
Newark State. A committee of class representatives meets with the 
adviser, Mr. Joseph D'Angola, to assist in the organization and 
administration of both the varsity and intramural programs. 

Sports competition at our college is keen and contests are 
always hard-played. The foremost consideration, however, is the 
development of integrity, co-operativeness, and courtesy in each 
individual student participating in any way in our athletic program. 
This attitude toward our sports program is a traditional one at 
Newark State and is due in large measure to the vision and guidance 
of both Mr. and Mrs. D'Angola. We are justly proud of the recogni- 
tion our teams have gained for their high caliber of sportsmanship. 

1ST ROW, Left to Right: F. Marmo, A. Cohn, F. Mantz, D. DenBleylter, E. Hobbie, A. Kaplowiti, J. 
Smith. 2ND ROW: G. Jannarone (Coach), W. Schaeffer, A. Beisler, F. Vogt, G. McElroy, A. Sherman. 

Despite the many limitations of a small college, Newark 
State has proved itself a worthy opponent on the basketball court. 
Team spirit, sportsmanship, and Coach Jannarone's strategy suc- 
ceeded in producing a fine 1949-50 varsity squad. The skill demon- 
strated by the team provided excitement in every game. Probably 
the highlight of the season was the game with none other than — 
West Point! 


P ? >l 1°J 9 " : '• McPhi " ipS ' P - Dur ^ et ' E - V — • E. Plunk.*, N. Riley. N. 
(Pr..,d.„ J 2ND ROW: R. Hau g . A. Powers, M. Kiernan, M. O'Connor, J. Deinzer (Captain) J. 

4Th7oW ? P T n) i, 3 " D , R ° L W: °- Gr °"' M - Burr ° WS ' C " K ° ehler ' J - Ehma "' J - M.y.r, D. Sohan. 
4TH ROW: L. Jaculla, E. L.n.h.n, A. Phelan (Captain), R. D'Allegro, J. Hewitson (^President). 

R. Macan (Captain), V. Hester. 

mm mm 

Plenty of misses 

Chalk up two more points for Newark State In "Dutch"! 

A sure strike 

As the 1949-50 season closes the mem- 
bers of the Women's Basketball Club fee 
they have had a season as successful as 
any in former years. They participated in a 
variety of activiries including intramural 
contests, a number of games with outside 
colleges, and playdays at New Jersey Col- 
lege for Women and Trenton Teachers 
College. The traditional All-Sports Ban- 
quet terminated the activities for the year. 
Although the basketball costume has 
changed throughout the years the ideals 
of the organization are the same. The 
main objective is to practice and uphold 
the high ideals of good sportsmanship. 
Throughout the season all members are 
given equal opportunity to participate in 
and increase their knowledge and skill of 
the game. 

Bowling is a sport enjoyed during the 
fall and winter months at Newark State. 
Here at the college our bowing group is 
fortunate in having a good bowling alley 
easily accessible to the campus. Because 
the club is a small one each member has 
a real opportunity to perfect his skill. 

We need tlvs one. 



LEFT TO RIGHT: H. Kedersha, R. Shaffer, B. Tonnesen, H. 
Linkin, X. Salemme, F. Ippolito. 


1ST ROW, Right to Left: L. Stein, G. Anderson, I. Powers, M. Cirillo, Miss Seager (Adviser), D. 

Shapiro, S. Cole. 2ND ROW: D. Johnson, J. Keena, V. Russomagna, J. Simon, J. Prudhomme, S. 

Leinwand, A. Ling. 3RD ROW: A. Kaplowitz, A. Sherman, H. Linltin, W. Kingston, E. Traynor. 


The Saddle and Bridle Club can boast some real 
equestrians. Participating in this popular sport on trails 
in the Orange Mountains, the students spend many enjoyable 
hours together. Miss Seager, as adviser and companion, 
adds much to the general good feeling of the group. 


The weightlifting club is a relatively new organization 
formed by its members to provide exercise above that 
offered by regular gym classes. Their hope in future years 
is to compete with inter-collegiate teams and to make a 
name for Newark State in this sport. 

SEATED: Left to Right: A. Cohn, M. Barbieni, J. M. Barnes, V. Martin, J. Huysman, M. Kehoe 
(President). STANDING: A. Beisler, W. Barrett, C. Cicero, A. Gifoli, J. Chagnon, C. Buleca, 

T. Dilworth. 




LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Becher, A. Sherman, L. White, M. Keys, R. Tannis (Treasurer), R. DelRusso, J. 
Halady, B. Tononsin, W. Kingston (Acting Chairman and Secretary), J. Bulger, L. Fox (President), 

D. Stahl, F. Averso. 

Although the Model Makers Club was 
formed only a year ago, its members have 
worked actively together and have made 
their group a definite part of the college. 
Their enthusiasm points to a continuous 
growth and activity. Through contests 
and meets, a fine competitive spirit has 
been established. 








Sororities and fraternities at New Jersey State Teacher's 
College have occupied an important place in the life of our college 
for twelve years. All of the groups have these common and basic 
aims; to develop a spirit of co-operation, to assist in the social and 
cuhural life of its members, and to further better relations with 
other students and the faculty. 

There are a variety of activities during the year for each 
group and often programs are planned with brother and sister 
organizations. Many entertaining times and worthv/hile projects 
were enjoyed during the 1949-50 term. Omega Phi had a Mother's 
Day get-together. A tenth anniversary dinner was celebrated by 
Nu Sigma Pi. Pi Eta Sigma went all out for its successful winter 
formal. Delta Sigma Pi had fun at the annual boat ride and picnic. 
Dr. Shea gave a Christmas dinner for Alpha Theta Pi at her home. 
Nu Sigma Tau's members spent a week-end in the Poconos, while 
a week-end at the shore was an outstanding event for Nu Theta Chi. 
Sigma Kappa Phi filled stockings for a group of less fortunate chil- 
dren. The Foster Home in Newark received toys and other gifts 
during the holidays from Sigma Theta Chi. 



SEATED: Left to Right: Dr. Whiteman (Adviser), J. Bayult, J. Mersfelder, J. Tetley, L. Stein (Corresponding 
Secretary), M. Baynton. M. Casciano, P. Durget, M. Burrows, A. Brophy, H. Wadle. STANDING: J. Wataha, 
W. Zwiedinger (Adviser), Dr. Dougall (Adviser), E. Pincus (Treasurer), J. Hodgson (President), H. Patterson. 


1ST ROW, Left to Right: Mr. Earl (Adviser), Mr. Richmond (Adviser), Dr. Frankson (Adviser). 2ND 

ROW: W. Nelson, H. Thompson, A. Beisler, R. Dello Russo, R. Becker, A. Ling (Secretary), V. Rus- 

somagno, H. Patterson (President), E. Swatt, H. Buckley, J. Palumbo, J. Pacella (Treasurer). 3RD 

ROW: J. Bulger, J. Brooks, J. Brooks, J. Tambueo, R. Tanis. 


There is more than a social side to our fraternal organizations. 
Kappa Delta Pi is an honor society in education, electing its members 
on the basis of scholastic achievement. Competence in the field 
of Industrial Arts is rewarded by membership in Epsilon Pi Tau. 

"Brothers" and "Sisters" appreciate the opportunity they 
have to share mutual interests through worthwhile friendships and 
good times. 


Bachelor's party. 

1ST ROW: Left to Right: W. Kingston, F. Luzii, J. Sheehan, H. Sachs. 2ND ROW: N. Marini, E. 
Petrocco, A. Beisler, M. Del Conte (Treasurer), V. Russomagno (Vice-President), W. Bleeker (Presi- 
dent), C. Buleca (Secretary), H. Mills, L. Fox, A. Sansone, D. Johnson. 3RD ROW: H. Kreis, A. 
Ling, M. Kehoe, M. Veres, J. Keena, R. Tanis, J. Wataha, W. Brandt, P. Nichols, H. Thompson, E. 
Traynor. 4TH ROW: J. Pijas, J. Mastreon, J. Huysman, A. Vander Does, R. Johnson, F. Averso, 
V. Martin, P. Corrado, R. Spelling, H. Kedersha. 


LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Veres (Historian), J. Simon, M. O'Conner, S. Ingandela (Vice-President), J. 

Prudhomme (Recording Secretary), E. Heebner, P. Fegan, M. Galanti (Corresponding Secretary), 

L. Kohke (Treasurer), E. Locksmith (President). 


SEATED, Left to Right: M. McNish, A. Brophy, E. Veneiian, J. Mau, C. Koehler, N. Riley. 

STANDING, Left to Right: E. Plunkett, J. Hewitson, C. Ross, E. Boccia, D. Klimowic*, N. 

Schooley, J. Repak, E. Linehan, Dr. M. Shea, R. Distasio. 


1ST ROW, Left to Right: E. Ernish, M. Casciano, P. May. 2ND ROW: D. Durget (President), Miss 
Seager (Adviser), J. Tetley, H. Widdis. 3RD ROW: L Bodet (Corresponding Secretary), J. Mc- 
Phillips, J. Cunningham, B. Crowe, A. Powers (Vice-President), R. MacPhee, J. Smith (Treasurer). 

1ST ROW: L. Jellinelc (Vice-Chancellor), P. Slavin, Miss Upson (Adviser), R. 

Rothwaclts (Corresponding Scribe), A. Osman. 2ND ROW: C. Lerman, F. Bis- 

cobel, R. Klein (Treasurer), R. Schaeffer (Recording Scribe), N. Molin. 3RD 

ROW: E. Filenbaum, M. Shapiro, J. Goldman, N. Troy. 

Shore leave 


SEATED, Left to Right: T. Dilworth, Mr. D'Angola (Adviser), S. Cole (Treasurer), H. Buckly, A. Kaplo- 

witz (Sargent-at-Arms), J. Anderson (President), E. Swatt (Vice-President), J. Ridgeway, E. Klinger, 

R. Brittle, J. Courtney, G. Cassiote. STANDING, Left to Right: A. Biesler (Recording-Secretary), 

A. Sherman, R. Becker, J. Tambiero (Corresponding Secretary). 





1ST ROW, Left to Right: Z. Huff ( Vice-Chancellor) , S. Berger (Corresponding Scribe), L Stein (Chancellor). 

M. Wilderman (Treasurer), R. Tauber. 2ND ROW: J. Bergman (Scribe), D. Freeman, B. L. Schechtman, F. 

Rabinowiti, M. Berman, Z. Cohan. 3RD ROW: J. Bayuk, E. Freedman, A. Chasltes. 




SEATED, Left to Right: J. Greene (Treasurer), Mrs. French (Adviser), R. Brasltin 
(Chancellor). 2ND ROW: M. Kaphan (Recording Secretary), B. Stone "(Vice- 
Chancellor), R. Chester (Corresponding Secretary). 



SEATED, Left to Right: H. Wadle, J. Smith (Vice-President), J. Marois (President), L. Sturgis (Treasurer), B. 
Piche (Historian). STANDING: L. Knittel, E. Devine (Corresponding Secretary), B. Koelble, B. Wilson. 




SEATED, Left to Right: A. Osman (Treasurer), L. Kohke, Dr. Whiteman (Adviser), E. Hockmouth, F. 
Rabinowiti, R. Tauber, R. Braskin, M. Burrows (Secretary), H. Wadle, E. Veneiian, B. Stone. STAND- 
ING: N. Marini, V. Russomagno, Dr. Wilkins, N. Molin, J. Anderson (President), M. Galante, J. Tetley. 

Representatives from all sororities and fraternities are joined 
in the Inter-Sorority-Fraternity Council to discuss and resolve prob- 
lems common to all. Here questions are wisely settled by the 
majority vote and plans of the organization operate smoothly. 

Founded in 1948, the council sponsors several social affairs 
as well. A dance during Thanksgiving vacation proved to be an 
outstanding success. 

The ideals of our school to foster better relations among 
all students and to promote a broader social agenda are realized 
through the council's tireless efforts 




DOUGALL, DR. JOHN 6., President 39 Ashland Road, Summit 

BALLING, ANNA M 2 Barnes Place, Bloomfield 

BARROWS, MAJORIE W 144 Broad Street, Newark 

BARTLETT, MARY M 269 Bay Avenue, Glen Ridge 

BROOKS VERA H 84 Second Avenue, Newark 

BRUCE, GUY V 5 Lorraine Road. Summit 

D'ANGOLA, ANITA B 32 Oakland Road, Maplewood 

D'ANGOLA, JOSEPH A 32 Oakland Road, Maplewood 

DENNY, EDITH D 83 Second Avenue, Newark 

DICKEY, JOHN W 6 River Lane, Millburn 

DOWNES, JAMES E 217 Hillside Avenue, Florham Park, Madison 

EARL, ARTHUR W 451 Essex Avenue, Bloomfield 

ERANKSON, DR. CARL E - 7 Minton Avenue, Chatham 

FRENCH, LOIS M 98 Alexander Avenue, Nutley 

GERRISH JOHN 114 North Essex Avenue, Orange 

GILLIGAN, DR. MICHAEL B 106 Warren Street, Nuyley 

HANKINS, GRACE C 112 North Lincoln Street, East Oranqe 

HUTCHINSON, JOHN C 49 Longview Avenue, Madison 

LEPP, HERMAN 1 21 Highfield Lane, Nutley 

LOCKWOOD, CHARLOTTE 239 Belleville Avenue, Chatham 

MASE, DR. DARREL J 38 North Hillside Avenue, Chatham 

McMEEN. GEORGE H.. ;6 Longview Street, Hutton Park, West Oranqe 

McMENAMIN, JAMES H I3A Yale Street, Nutley 

MINKIN, VERA F 370 West End Avenue, N. Y. 

MITCHELL, FRANCES M 50 Prospect Street. Dover 

O'BRIEN, ALTON D 423 Barclay Street, Perth Amboy 

PLENTY, JANE G 227 North Walnut Street, East Orange 

RAFFERTY, LOUISE S 208 Prospect S+reet, East Orange 

RICE, ALICE L 18 Kearny Street, Newark 

RICHARDSON, EVAN C 32 Oak Street, Belleville 

RICHMOND. FRED M 406 Chestnut Street, Nutley 

RIGGS. DOROTHY D 300 South Harrison Street, East Oranqe 

ROBINSON, DR. BRUCE B 16 Park Place, Newark 

ROGERS, LAURA E 465 Van Dyk Avenue, Haledon, Paterson 

SALT, EDNA D 152 Davey Street, Bloomfield 

SEAGER. A. LUELLA 254 Mount Prospect Avenue, Newark 

SHEA. DR. MARION E 371 Lake Street. Newark 

SMITH, GEORGE A Box 352, Albert Street, Pompton Plains 

SNYDER. HELEN C 79 Elm Street, Maplewood 

TATTON, DOUGLAS W 146 Ridqe Road, Rahway 

VAUGHN-EAMES, DR. LENORE 526 Woodland Avenue, Mountainside 

WHITEMAN, DR. HARRIET E 708 Northfield Avenue, West Orange 

WILKINS, DR. EUGENE G 53 Whitney Road, Short Hills 

WUERTHELE-CASPE. DR. VIRGINIA. 560 Mount Prospect Avenue, Newark 

ZWEIDINGER. WILLARD E 871 Ridgewood Road, Millburn 


DAVIS. ARNOLD J 245 East 21st Street, New York City N. Y. 

LIPSON, MINNIE 7 Chestnut Street, East Oranqe 

THOMPSON, NANCY 97 Fourth Avenue, Newark 


TOOHEY, EDWARD J 219 Garside Street, Newark 

ASARIAN, DIKRA A SO Fulton Street, Weekawken 


BROYLES. IDA B 19 Henry Street, Morristown 

EVERS, ELSIE 68'/ 2 East 4th Avenue, Newark 

MURRAY. MARIE A 245 Ampere Parkway, Bloomfield 

SLAVITT, PAULINE 33 South Munn Avenue, East Oranqe 

SNEED, LUCRETIA L 12 Oraton Street, Newark 

SPATOLA, ALICE 75 North Spring Street, Bloomfield 

STEIGLER, JANICE A 14 Pitney Street, West Orange 

STROPE, KATHRYN 121 Lincoln Place, Irvington 

TOOHEY, MARGARET M 219 Garside Street, Newark 

WENDEL, ANNA P 30 Alison Road, Roselle 


ANDERSON, MARGARET 1132 Wooley Avenue Union 

CAMPBELL, HELEN 513 Port Avenue, Lyndhurst 

SMITH, HELENE C 379 Meadowbrook Lane, South Orange 

WARNER, AGNES M 17 Hedden Terrace, North Arlington 

WEISSE, HILDA 82 Lincoln Avenue, Newark 

WORKMAN, ROSE E 33 Rutland Avenue, Arlington 


CARTER, JOSEPH C 121 Wright Street, Newark 

DALY, WILLIAM B ' 49 Leslie Street, East Orange 

DRAKE, RAYMOND 83 Wakeman Avenue, Newark 

FANTASIA, PELLEGRINO 101 Newark Avenue Bloomfield 

HUGHES. TERESA 153 Dewey Street, Newark 

OUINN, THOMAS F 38 Oriental Street. Newark 

WHITAKER. JOHN A 81 Chadwick Avenue, Newark 


ACKERLY, JOYCE 192 Union Avenue. Clifton 

ADAMS, EDNA 329 Berckman Street Plainfield 

ADAMS, VILMA 34 Third Street Wharton 

AITKEN, WILLIAM 52 Louis Street, Carteret 

ALLISON, ETHELYN 19 Buch Avenue. Princeton 

ALSTON, RUTH 216 Amherst Street, East Orange 

ANDERSON, GEORGE 7 Oak Street, Morristown 

ANDERSON, JOSEPH H 21 Clark Street, Glen Ridge 

ANDREWS, DOROTHY LEE 450 Meise Lane Sprinqfield 

ANDREWS, ROSALIE H 115 Mt. Prospect Avenue, Belleville 

ANDRIOLA, MARY ANN 436 Post Avenue Lynhurst 

APGAR, GLADYS Emmons Road Ledewood 

ARBES, CYNTHIA 54 Pershinq Avenue, Elizabeth 

ARCISZEWISKI. RAYMOND 38 Vine Avenue Irvinqton 

ARNOLDI, ALMA 1101 Central Avenue, Union City 

ARTYM, CECELIA 341 Harriot Street Avenel 

AUERBACH, MIRIAM 377 Madison Street, Passaic 

AUG, ELIZABETH-MARIE 471 Kearny Avenue, Kearny 

AVERSO, FRANK 79 Kipp Avenue, Lodi 

BABRIECKI, KARORINA 117 14th Avenue Newark 

BACHANT. REGINA 370 Mt. Prospect Avenue Clifton 

BAILEY. CLYDE 139 Steuben Street, East Oranqe 

BANDOLYAI, DORIS 34 Temple Place, Irvinqton 

BARBIERI, MARIO 106 East 22nd Street, Paterson 

BARNES, MARTIN 152 Walnut Street, Montclair 

BARNES, ROBERT 1151 Gresham Road, Plainfield 

BARRETT. WALTER L 15 Chestnut Street Boonton 

BAUST, MARYLOU 189 Monmouth Road, Oakhurst 

BAYLIN, VIDA 21 Temple Place, Irvinqton 

BAYNTON, MARGARET C 90 Prospect Avenue, Red Bank 

BAYUK, JACQUELINE 465 Union Avenue, Irvinnton 

BECKER, ROBERT 16 Pleasant Place, Deal 

BEISLER, AUGUST F 723 South 14th Street, Newark 

BELFER, BERNICE 106 Watson Avenue, Newark 

BELLINA. JOSEPH A 31 Tremont Street, Irvinqton 

BENSKY. ADELE 365 Lincoln Avenue, Oranqe 

BERGER. SHIRLEY 153 Clifton Avenue. Newark 

(BERGMAN) KROSKY, JOAN 229 Vine Street, Elizabeth 

BERKOWITZ, RUTH 10 Lucille Place. Passaic 

BERMAN, MAXINE 79 Summet Road, Elizabeth 

BERNHARD, RUTH 513 22nd Street, Union City 

BERNI. CLEMENT 515 4th Street. Union City 

BERTL, JEAN 68 Cummings Street. Irvinqton 

BILINSKI, MARCIA 186 Eastern Parkway. Irvington 

BILSE, DORIS 62 Mead Street, Newark 

BISCOBEL, FRANCES A 81 Wolcott Terrace. Newark 

BIZER. HELEN 270 Dorer Avenue. Hillside 

BLACKWELL, JOAN L 56 Brookdale Gardens Bloomfield 

BLACKWELL. JOANN 302'/, LaReine Avenue, Bradley Beach 

BLAKEY, JAMES 220 Montaoue P'ace South Oranoe 

BLAND GWENDOLYN 78 Fremont Street, Jersey City 

BLASENHEIM. BERNICE 189 West Bigelow Street, Newark 

BLEECKER, WALTER 53 Warren Street, Bloomfield 

BOBROWSKI DOROTHY 92 Broad Street, Perth Amboy 

BOCCIN EDYTHE 102 Montrose Street, Newark 

BODET, LILLIAN 136 Irving Place, Rutherford 

BOHL NANCY 110 Lincoln Street, Passaic 

BOLAN, JAMES Vail Road, Parsippany 

BOLDEN EZOLA 1131 Warren Street, Roselle 

BOTHNER. ANITA 199 Orient Way, Rutherford 

BOWEN PEGGY 40 Greenwood Avenue, Madison 

BRADY, MARY 28 Morton Place, East Orange 

BRANDT, WILLIAM E 205 Walnut Street, Roselle Park 

BRASKIN, RITA. 121 Schley Street. Newark 

BRENNAN, ANNE M 363 Livingston Avenue, New Brunswick 

BRESSLER, MARVIN M 158 Clinton Place, Newark 

BRIANTE, CONSTANCE 51 Highland Avenue. Newark 

BRITTLE, ROBERT 116 Prospect Street, East Orange 

BROOKS JACK 64 Bragaw Avenue, Newark 

BROOKS, JERRY 64 Bragaw Avenue, Newark 

BROPHY, ANN 1187 Fulton Street, Rahway 

BROWN, ANN 261 Delevan Street, New Brunswick 

BUCHNER LAWRENCE 163 Huntington Terrace, Newark 

BUCKLEY, HERBERT 161 South Martine Avenue, Fanwood 

BULECA, CHARLES 39 Fairfield Avenue, Fords 

BULGER, JOHN 181 Beers Street, Keyport 

BUONO ANGELA 139 Melrose Avenue, Irvington 

BURKE, MARY 127 Stephens Street, Belleville 

BURROWS, MARGARET 19 Columbia Avenue, Newark 

BUZZI EILEEN 42 Overlook Terrace. Nutley 

BYRNE JOAN 30 Grove Place, East Orange 


CALLAGHAN, FLORENCE W'oodport, Wharton 

CALLANAN JOAN 195 Vermont Avenue. Newark 

CAMPBELL JEANNE 136 Broad Street. Matawan 

CAMPBELL JOHN W 409 Harrison Street, Passaic 

CAMPBELL PETER 33 South Thomas Street, Metuchen 

CAPELLO JOSEPH 42 Bayard Street, Trenton 

CARD, BEATRICE 319 Broadway, Newark 

CAREY BERNICE 212 John Street, Harrison 


CARTER DORIS 121 Wright Street, Newark 

CARTER HARRY R 44 Center Street, Rumson 

CASCIANO MARIE 36-6 Rutqers Avenue, Hillside 

CASCIOTTI, GUIDO 115 Elmwood Avenue. Union 

CAVALIERE ROSE 307 Monroe Avenue, Plainfield 

CAVINESS DORIS 187 Willowda'e, Montclair 

CESAREO MARIE 220 Summer Avenue. Newark 

CHAGNON JOSEPH 309 Lafayette Street, Newark 

CHANENSON. LOIS 229 Lincoln Avenue, Elizabeth 

CHASKES ADELE 119 North Tenth Avenue. New Brunswick 

CHESLER RHODA 387 Leslie Street, Newark 

CHESNUT BARBARA 18 Harper Terrace, Cedar Grove 

CHIFFRILLER, CATHERINE 166 Third Street, Newark 

CHOJNICKI DOROTHY 50 James Street, Bloomfield 

CHRISTY, MARY RUTH 130 Maple Avenue, Irvinqton 

CICCONE NATALIE 2119 Park Avenue, Plainfield 

CICERO, CARMEN 370 Roseville Avenue, Newark 

CIRILLO MARYANN 494 South 21st Street, Irvinqton 

CLADEK ANN ELIZABETH 175 Washington Street, Perth Amboy 

CLIFTON ALICE AUDREY 35 Delafield Street, New Brunswick 

COBBS MARY 64 Orchard Avenue, Metuchen 

COFFEY MARGARET 361 Amboy Avenue, Woodbridge 

COHAN ZARA 118 Acme Street, Elizabeth 

COHN ALLAN M 207 Midland Place, Newark 

COLE, STANLEY W 801 Amsterdam Avenue. Rose'le 

COLLiNS ANNE 47 Jersey Avenue, New Brunswick 

COLLINS,' MARILYN 5 Irvington Place, Clifton 

COMUNALE STELLA 495 South Tenth Street, Newark 

CONNERS MARGARET 15 High Street, Passaic 

COONS BARBARA 123 Rosewood Terrace. Linden 

COOPER BARBARA 1510 North Broad Street, Hillside 

COOPERSMITH PHYLLIS 181 Shephard Avenue. Newark 

CORBO, NORMA 159 Parker Street. Newark 

CORDARO GRACE 67 Ridgewood Avenue, Glen Ridge 

CORRADO PAT 20 Lynden Place, Totowa 

CORRENTE ANGELA 29 Stone Street, New Brunswick 

CORY EVERDEEN 1312 Maple Avenue, Wanamasset 

COSSA ROSALIE 7 Miles Street, Elizabeth 

COURTNEY JOSEPH, JR., 241-2 Bastogne Square, Newark 

COX BARBARA 35 Burlington Road. Clifton 

COYNE MILDRED 2 New York Avenue, New Brunswick 

CRANE. CHARLES R Amwell Road, Belle Mead 

CROWE BARBARA 122 Orton Road. West Caldwell 

CUNDELL JEAN 135 Brook Avenue, Passaic 

CUNNINGHAME, ELIZABETH 968 West Eighty Street, Plainfield 

CUOCCO FRANCES 128 Maple Avenue, Irvinqton 



DADENAS JAMES II Merchant Street. Newark 

D'ALLERGRO RAE 299 North llth Street. Newark 

DALY. BEVERLY M 3 Ashwood Terrace. West Orange 

DARDIK. LILLIAN SYLVIA 77 Neilson Street. New Brunswick 

DAVIS, BURTON S 631 Sixth Avenue. Lyndhurst 

DAVIS WINIFRED 199 Reynolds Street, Orange 

DeFORREST, RUTH Route Ten. Morris Plains 

DeFRANCA. AGNES 132 Ripley Place. Elizabeth 

DeGRYSE JOAN 30 Prescott Turnpike, Clark-Rahway 

DEINZER JANET 25 Hardenberg Street, New Brunswick 

DEL CONTE. MICHAEL Sill Bergenline Avenue, West New York 

DEL GUERCIO. EDITH 451 Ridge Road. Lyndhurst 

DEL GUERCIO JOSEPH A 101 Eighth Avenue. Newark 

DELLA PENTA ROBERT 199 Bell Avenue, Lodi 

DELLO-RUSSO ROBERT 98 Main Street. Netconq 

DE MAIO DOLORES M 58 Kent Place Boulevard. Summit 

DE MAIO STEPHEN 675 North Fifth Street. Newark 

DEMBOW'ICZ EDWARD 422 South 17th Street. Newark 

DEMICCO CHRISTOPHER C 328 Westfie'd Avenue. Elizabeth 

DEN BLEYKER. DANIAL A 187 East Sixth Street, Clifton 

DENBURG DORA 188 Kerr Avenue. Newark 

DENBURG, ROSEMARY 193 Midland Place. Newark 

DENICHOLAS DOROTHEA 109 Grumman Avenue. Newark 

DEO NICHOLAS 60 Avenue "C", Newark 

DEUTSCH RITA 355 Kearny Avenue. Kearny 

DEVERS ALICE 147 New Street. Newark 

DEVINE EILEEN 13 Butler Place, Arlington 

DeWAR ROXANE 122 Union Avenue. Belleville 

DE WOLF, AUDREY De Wolf Road, Old Tappan 

Dl FIORE MARY Hartshorne Lane. Rumson 

DILWORTH. JUNE 51 Hanson Avenue. Fords 

DILWORTH. THEODORE C 143 Avenel Street. Avenel 

DIPIE T RO. CONCETTA 38(' South llth Street, Newark 

DISNER EVELYN 329 Vine Street, Elizabeth 

DISASIO. ROSALIE 25 Belmohr Street. Bel'eville 

DODSON NANCY I Euclid Avenue. Summit 

DODSON. PHYLISS I Euclid Avenue. Summit 

DONATELLO, CATHERINE 110 South 6th Street, Newark 

DREW ELIZABETH 295 Ellis Avenue. Irvinqton 

DUNEKACK CAROL 734 Park Avenue. Plainfield 

DURGET PATRICIA 246 Pacific Street. Paterson 

DURGET. PHYLLIS 246 Pacific Street. Paterson 


EHMAN. FRANCES 758 South 20th Street, Newark 

ELIA, MICHAEL J 21 Haledon Avenue, Paterson 

ELIAS. ALICE 541 River Drive, Garfield 

ELLIOT, MARGARET 123 Holland Road. South Orange 

ELLIS. ELSIE 6 Summit Avenue. Summit 

ERICKSEN MARIE 269 South 8th Street. Newark 

ERNISH. ELEANOR 86 Wagner Avenue. Fords 

EVERMAN, JACK R 90 Myrtle Avenue. Dover 


FANAROFF, RALPH 946 South 20th Street. Newark 

FARLEY, MARGARET 75 Main Street, West Orange 

FARMER. BARBARA 413 Koenig Place. Rahway 

FARMER FRANCES 110 Morris Avenue. Rahway 

FASS, LOIS 549 Ml. Pleasant Avenue, West Oranqe 

FASTIGE MARY 23 Berkeley Place, B'oomfield 

FEGAN. PATRICIA 21 Harding Terrace. Mornstown 

FEICKERT MARJORIE 30 Hillcrest Road. Kearney 

FEINGOLD RHODA 662 Cora Place. Rahway 

FELDMAN BARBARA 163 Eastern Parkway. Newark 

FERRARA. JOANNE 506 Post Avenue. Lyndhurst 

FERRARA VIRGINIA 10 Washington Avenue. Nutley 

FIEDLER. WILBUR II Middlesex Avenue. Cliffwood 

FILENBAUM. ELAINE St State Street, Perth Amboy 

FIORENZA LUCY 119 Brookwood Street, East Oranqe 

FISHER PHYLLIS 145 Thompson Avenue, Dover 

FLOOD HELEN 591 Hunterdon Street. Newark 

FONSECA. LUCY 190 Ferry Street. Newark 

FORGIONE MARIE 70 Harrison Street. Belleville 

FOSTER. CHARLES 119 Winslow Place, Garwood 

FOX LEO 3261 Wottingham Way. Trenton 

FOXE, HAZEL 156 North Grove Street. East Oranqe 

FRANCE. ELAINE 70 Marsellus Place. Garfield 

FRANKEL ELAINE 757 Pleasant Valley Way, West Oranqe 

FREDA NORMA 63 Fourth Street. Newark 

FREDERICK MARION 238 East 5th Avenue. Roselle 

FREDERICKSON, HELEN 344 St. Cloud Avenue. West Oranqe 

FREID SHELA • 667 Hiqhland Avenue, Newark 

FREIDMAN EILEEN 18 Robert Place. Irvinqton 

FREIMAN DORIS 151 Linden Avenue, Irvinqton 

FUCHS ELLEN MAY R.F.D. 2. Box 80. New Brunswick 

FUDAE SOPHIE 351 Jauncey Avenue, Lyndhurst 

FANCROFF RALPH 946 South 20th Street. Newark 


GAIER, JEAN 518 State Street, Perth Amboy 

GALANTI MENICA 226 Tremont Avenue. East Oranqe 

GARRUTO MARIE 154 Verona Avenue. Newark 

GASPER HELEN 1212 Passaic Avenue. Linden 

GEHRIG EARLE 142 Lincoln Avenue. Newark 

GEIER, ABRAHAM 133 Custer Avenue. Newark 

GERDES RUTH 90 Tooker Avenue. Sprinqfield 

GERSTEIM HADASSAH 147 Van Houten Avenue. Passaic 

GIBBONS MARGARET 838 South 18th Street. Newark 

GIFFONIELLO DOLORES 368 Littleton Avenue. Newark 

GIFOLI ANGELO 86 South 8th Street. Newark 

GINSBURG MIRIAM 252 Lincoln Avenue. Hiqhland Park 

GOEHL HENRY 29 Hathaway Road. Morris Plains 

GOLDBLATT FLORENCE 25 Weaver Avenue, Bloomfield 

GOLDFEIN MARCIA 51 Dayton Street, Elizabeth 

GOLDMAN JEAN 61 Millington Avenue. Newark 

GOMMOIL HARRY 13 Myrtle Avenue. Newark 

GORDON MERYL 311 Go'dsmith Avenue. Newark 

GOTTFRIED RUTH 85 Watson Avenue. Newark 

GOULD MARGARET 1478 Highland Avenue. Hillside 

GOVELITZ MARY 24 Fourth Avenue. Port Readinq 

GRAHAM MILDRED 234 Orange Street. Newark 

GRAVENHORST. DONALD 1502 Compton Terrace. Hillside 

GREATOREX. MARGARET 248 Beech Street. Arlingtor 

GREENE. JEANETTE 49 Field Place. Newark 

GRIFFIN. .GLORIA 114 Newton Street. Newark 

GRIMES. CAROL 28 Florence Road. Middletown 

GROSS. DOROTHY 174 West Main Street. Bound Brook 

GROSSMAN. STANLEY 76 Avenue C Bayonne 

GUARDABASCIO. JANE 526 North 7th Street Newark 

GUDSON. LOIS 83 Salter Street, Springfield 

GUERIN. THEODORE 119 Miller Street. Newark 

GUNDELL, HELEN 759 South 10th Street. Newark 


HAGGERTY. CLAIRE 618 Green Street. Elizabeth 

HAIRE. MADELINE 176 First Avenue, Newark 

HALADY, JOSEPH 252 North 9th Street. Kenilworth 

HALLINAN. LILIAS 18 Van Rensselaer Street, Be'leville 

HARDER. S'EGFRIED 526 North Grove Street. East Oranqe 

HARRING. WILLIAM 51 Davis Avenue. Dover 

HARRIS MARIE-LOUISE 59 North 22nd Street. East Oranqe 

HATTON, JEAN 456 Stratford Road Union 

HAVAS. JOANNE 43 Lexinqton Drive, Livinqston 

HAUG, ROSEMARIE 15 Mountainside Terrace, Livingston 

HAWTHORNE. JAMES 15 Lindslev Road, Little Falls 

HECK. DOROTHY 229 Washington Road. Sayreville 

HEDGE. ELMIRE 279 West Passaic Avenue. Rutherford 

HEEBNER, EULA 24 Swaine Place. West Orange 

HEKKER, RITA 276 Ridge Road. RuTherford 

HENICK. HARRIET 16 Seymour Avenue. Newark 

HERMANNI. HAROLD 41 Burlington Avenue. Paterson 

HERRON MARGARET 519 Groom Street. Perth Amboy 

HESTER, VICTORIA 88 Bessida Street. Bloomfield 

HEWITSON. JANET 1327 9th Avenue. Neptune 

HICKEY DOROTHY 450 Summit Avenue Carlstadt 

HILDEBRANT. RUTH P. O. Box 6. Flanders 

HNATKOW DOROTHY 600 Elizabeth Street. Perth Amboy 

HOBBIE ERNEST 90 Winans Avenue, Cranford 

HOCHMUTH. ESTHER 219 Hillside Terrace. Irvington 

HODGSON. JOHN 189 Edmund Avenue. Paterson 

HOLLEANDER. FRANCISKA 59 Farley Avenue, Newark 

HOLLANDER. IRENE 148 Schley Street. Newark 

HOROWITZ. LEONARD 220 Mt. Hope Avenue. Dover 

HUFF. ZELDA 226 Shelley Avenue, Elizabeth 

HUGG. HADWIG 7 North Baum's Court. Livingston 

HUNTINGTON, NANCY 193 Cooper Avenue, Upper Montclair 

HUYSMAN JOHN Building 5. Hillairy Avenue, Morrisrown 

HYDE. JOHN 212 Van Houten Avenue. Passaic 


IACOBUCCI. DOLORES 988A Franklin Avenue, Newark 

IANNUCCI. ETTA 29 Hazel Place, Irvington 

INGANDELA. JOSEPHINE 153 Lawrence Street. New Brunswick 

IPPOLITO, FRANK 350 Thirteenth Avenue, Newark 


JABLONSKI MARIE 311 Seventh Avenue. Newark 

JACULLA. LOIS 118 Cedar Hill Avenue. Belleville 

JAEGER NANCY 119 Wedqewood Avenue. Woodbridqe 

JANKOWSKI, MARY 553 Washington Avenue. South Amboy 

JANNARONE JOCELYN 70 Ravine Avenue. Nutley 

JELLINEK LUCILLE 522 Clinton Place. Newark 

JENKINS JOAN 7 Barrows Avenue. Rutherford 

JOFFE ELINOR 943 Worth Avenue. Linden 

JOHNSON BEVERLY 267 Tichenor Avenue. South Oranqe 

JOHNSON DONALD 869 Boulevard East. Weehawken 

JOHNSON PATRICIA 722 Clifton Avenue. Newark 

JOHNSON R'CHARD 72 South 12th Street. Newark 

JOHNSTON GEORGE 25 Locust Drive. Cranford 

JONES BARBARA 49 Wheeler Street, West Oranqe 

JONES, BERNICE . .561 Pennsylvania Avenue, Elizabeth 

JOOST, WILLIAM Box 172. Montville 

JUHASZ MARY 57 Guilden Street, New Brunswick 


KAFAF. FLORENCE 352 West Market Street. Newark 

KAHRMANN. DONALD Lawrence Brook, New Brunswick 

KANAS, BETSY 255 Morris Avenue. Summit 

KANE, JEANNE 120 Huntington Street, New Brunswick 

KANYA. LORRAINE 79 Kossuth Street. Newark 

KAPHAN MINNA 259 Schleg Street. Newark 

KAPLOWITZ. ABRAHAM 163 Clirton Place. Newark 

KARGAROFF BERYL 170 Morris Avenue. Long Branch 

KARP. DORIS 106 First Street. Elizabeth 

KASTELEIN CORNELIUS 143 North Second Street. Paterson 

KAT BARBARA 48 Rutgers Street, Irvington 

KAUFMAN. MILDRED 112 Hackensack Street. East Rutherford 

KEDERSHA, HAROLD 399 Glenwood Avenue, East Orange 

KEENA JOHN 395 Summer Avenue. Newark 

KEHOE. MARTIN 527 Centre Street. Nutley 

KELLEY THERESE 324 Cherry Street. Elizabeth 

KENAH JEAN 10 McKinley Avenu- West Orange 

KIERNAN, MARGARET 277 Beechwood Avenue. Union 

KING AUSTIN 373 Elizabeth Avenue. Newark 

KINGSTON. WILLIAM 239 Dodd Street. East Orange 

KIRSCHBAUM RAYMOND 13 Iroquois Avenue, Lake Hiawatha 

KLEIN CLARE 117 Hammond Avenue. Passaic 

KLEIN ROSE 809 South Thirteenth Street. Newark 

KLIMOWICZ DIANA 116 Ellis Avenue, Irvington 

KLINGLER, EDWARD 16 Anton Street. Passaic 

KNITTEL LOIS 99 Carolina Avenue. Newark 

KNODEL VIRGINIA 10 Rutgers Street. Irvington 

KOEHLER CHARLOTTE Fairmount Avenue. Chatham 

KOEbBLE BETTE 176 South Arlington Avenue. East Oranqe 

KOEPCHEN GRACE 820 Canton Street. Elizabeth 

KOHKE LOLA 168 Avon Avenue, Newark 

KOTTMANN ANNE 389 Isabella Avenue, Irvington 

KRAUTH PATRICIA M Marmon Terrace. West Orange 

KREIS HAROLD 39 Catherine Street. Elizabeth 

KROENER THOMAS 7713 Hudson Boulevard. North Bergen 

KRONICK LILA 100 Palmer Street. Passaic 

KUNAK HELEN 69 Christopher Street. Carteret 

KUTCHER, DOROTHY 36 Rich Street, Irvington 



LAFLIN, VIOLA 96 Mount Carmel Way, Ocean Grove 

LAGGREN, JANET 5 Hiqhland Avenue, Elizabeth 

LANIA FRANK '. 133 Pacific Street, Newark 

LARKIN REBECCA 286 Hickory Street, Teaneck 

LAUDATI, FILOMENA 14 Stone Street, Newark 

LECCESE CONCETTA 33 Hathaway Road, Morris Plains 

LEINWAND, SHIRLEY 59 Mertz Avenue, Hillside 

LEONE THERESA 32 Ridqe Road, Lyndhurst 

LERMAN, CAROLYN 1093 Salem Road. Union 

LESNIK, JOAN 266 Seymour Avenue, Newark 

LEVIN. DIANA 189 West Bigelow Street, Newark 

LEVINSON, JOAN 420 Belmont Avenue, Newark 

LEWIS, ALBERT 1758 Brunswick Avenue, Trenton 

LEWIS, JOHN 150 West Colonial Avenue, Union 

LIEBMAN, RITA 264 Seymour Avenue, Newark 

LIFLAND, RITA 23 Yates Avenue. Newark 

LINDAUER, ELLEN 885 Hunterdon Street. Newark 

LINEHAN. ETHEL Box 130-C. Brighton Avenue, Neptune 

LING ALVORD 56 Hillside Avenue, Glen Ridqe 

LINKER, MARILYN 10 Kearney Street, Newark 

LINKIN HARRY 268 South Center Street, Orange 

LO BELLO FRANCES 41 Grove Street, Bloomfield 

LOEVSKY RUTH 625 Second Avenue, Lyndhurst 

LORUSSO. LUCILLE 307 Elm Street. Newark 

LUCE. ELAINE 94 North Jefferson Street, Orange 

LUCOV, MICHAEL 479 Sayre Avenue, Perth Amboy 

LUZZI. FRANK 103 Lafayette Street, Jersey City 

LYNCH, ELIZABETH 295 Seymour Avenue, Newark 


MAAG. EILEEN 270 Smith Street, Newark 

MACAN, ROSE 53 State Street, Perth Amboy 

MacDONALD, BERNADINE 333 Ellery Avenue, Newark 

MACHYSHYN. JULIA 54 Mary Street, Carteret 

MACIOCI, SYLVIA 452V? North 12th Street. Newark 

MacKINNON, ROBERT 1240 Hudson Boulevard, Bayonne 

MacPHEE, ROSITA I Rutgers Street, Maplewood 

MADSEN, BERNICE 27 Oak Street. Avenel 

MAFFEI, RITA 561 Carson Avenue, Perth Amboy 

MANDEL. MARILYN 527 Springfield Avenue, Newark 

MANDELBAUM. LEONARD 900 Summit Avenue, Union City 

MANTZ, FRED 47 Broad Street, Perth Amboy 

MARCUS, JEROME 108 Huntington Terrace, Newark 

MARGOCZY, HELEN 104 Hornsby Avenue. Fords 

MARINI, NICK 79 MacFarlan Street, Dover 

MARKOWSKY. DOROTHY 50 N. Munn.. Newark 

MARMO, FRANK 67 Davenport Avenue, Newark 

MARMULSTEIN, RUTH Box 114, New Monmouth 

MAROIS, JOANNE 55 William Street, Route 7, Box 1402-A 

MARSHALL, ELAINE MAY 112 Oakwood Avenue, N. Haledon 

MARTIN VICTOR 120 Grace Street, Irvington 

MARTINELLI. RAMONA 26 Gould Place, Caldwell 

MASARSKY, MARILYN 1010 Paul Street. Linden 

MASTROEAN, JOHN 428 Forest Street. Kearny 

MAU, JOANNE 5 Plymouth Place, Roseland 

MAY. MARGARET 302 Beechwood Lane, Maple Shade 

MAZZEO, ROSALIE 25 West View Road, West Orange 

MEEK, HARRIETT 584 East 27th Street, Paterson 

MEHR, MYRA 444 Kerrigan Boulevard, Newark 

MENTAN, AILEEN 1042 Fanny Street, Elizabeth 

MERSFELDER, JEAN 213 Pomona Avenue, Newark 

MESS, GOLDA 52 Chester Avenue, Newark 

MEYER, JOAN 1256 Magnolia Place, Union 

MICCHELLI, ANN 31 Eastern Parkway, Newark 

MICKEL, JULIANA 120 Grand Street, Garfield 

MILKULSKY, JOAN .8 Franklin Avenue, Harrison 

MILANO. ANGELA 93 Stuyvesant Avenue, Newark 

MILANO, GRACE 97 Third Street. Newark 

MILLER. EMILY Route I, Mendham 

MINGO, GLORIA 194-6 Ackerman Avenue, Clifton 

MISEYKO, OLGA 47 Bergen Avenue, Clifton 

MITCHELL. PAULINE 216 Warren Street, Newark 

MITCHELL, ZELMA 52 Wright Street, Newark 

MODZELEWSKI, VINCENT, , Washington Rd,, R.F.D. No. I, South Amboy 

MOLIN, NATALIE 165 Auqusta, Irvinqton 

MOORE, ALICE 187 South 10th Street, Newark 

MOORE. DORIS 55 Sherman Avenue, Newark 

MOORE, HAROLD 55 Sherman Avenue Newark 

MORIARTY, BARBARA 723 Lake Street, Newark 

MORIARTY. MARGARET 694 Valley Street, Maplewood 

MOTT, ELIZABETH 7 Mt. Pleasant Avenue, Newark 

MUNIZ, JOH-N 310 3rd Street, Union City 

MURDOCK. LOUISE 400 Henery Street, Woodbridge 

McDERMOTT. JoANNE 868 DeGraw Avenue. Newark 

McELROY. GERALD 86 Freeman Street, Woodbridqe 

McGEE. MARY 525 Summer Avenue, Newark 

McKIMNFY, BETTY-JANE 100 Prospect Terrace. East Rutherford 

McKEERER, ARLINE 61 Meadowbrook Road, Short Hills 

McLEAN, DESMOND 123 Broad Street. Newark: 

McLEAN, JOHN,. 565 Springdale Avenue, East Orange 

McNISH, MARILYN 55 Anderson Road, Bernardsville 

McPHILLIPS, MARGARET 98 High Street, Orange 


NEARY, ELIZABETH 238 Mt. Vernon Avenue, Orange 

NEBELKOPF. LARRY 320 Madison Street, Passaic 

NELSON. WILBUR 24 Dartmouth Street, Fords 

NEWMAN, LOIS 65 Hull Avenue Freehold 

NEWMARK. MIRIAM 180 Ferry Street Newark 

NICHOLAS, CECELIA E 44 Berwyn Street, Orange 

NICHOLS, PAUL 1 384 Park Avenue, Rutherford 

NOLL, ANNETTE E 85 Woodland Road, Bloomfield 


O'BRIEN, ROSELLEN 106 Washington Avenue, Clifton 

O'CONNOR, MAUREEN A 78 Raritan Road, Clark Township 

OKSMAN, SYDELL 87 Schugler Avenue, Newark 

OLASZ, JOSEPH A Davidson Avenue, South Bound Brook 

O'LEARY, JOAN 505 3rd Avenue, Garwood 

OLIVER, MARJORIE 401 Union Avenue. Belleville 

O'MALLEY, MARIE G 314 Davis Avenue, Harrison 

O'MARA, ROSEMARY 178 Clarernont Avenue. Montdair 

ORLANDO, JEAN 2079 Stowe Street, Union 

OSMAN, ANITA 108 Huntington Terrace, Newark 


PACELLA. JOSEPH F 210 Van Buren Street, Newark 

PALAZZO, FLORENCE, 8 Silver Street, Newark 

PALISH, ANNA 96 Humboldt Street, East Rutherford 

PALMISANO, ANTHONY 19 Fairchild Place, Hillside 

PALOMBA, FELIX 196 Taylor Street, Oranqe 

PALUMBO, JOSEPH A 345 N. 12th Street. Newark 

PAPPAS, GEORGE 370 Ackerman Avenue, Glen Rock 

PARKIN. LYDIA Mtd. Route 3, Box 71, Rahway 

PARRILLO, MARY 190 Chapman Street, Orange 

PASCAL, SUSAN 1226 Ninth Avenue. Neptune 

PASOUALE, GLORIA 422 Roseville Avenue, Newark 

PASSACANTANDO, OLGA 421 Market Street, Perth Amboy 

PASSACANTANDO. RENA 42l Market Street, Perth Amboy 

PATERNO. RITA .621 Milton Avenue Lyndhurst 

PATTERSON. HENRY 33A Cedar Lakes, West Denville 

PEDOTA, IRENE 221 Liberty Street, Long Branch 

PELLEGRINO. YOLANDA 57 Blaine, Passaic 

PELLICANO, JOSEPH 217 Fairmount Avenue. Newark 

PEPE, ELIZABETH 313 Stebbins Place, Plainfield 

PEPOON, DORIS 66 James Street, Newark 

PERELLO, RICHARD 304 Kingsland Avenue, Lyndhurst 

PETROCCO. ERNEST 15 Monmouth Avenue, Dover 

PETRULIO, ANTHONY I Hanford Place, Caldwell 

PETRUOLY, NORMA 86 Union Avenue, Irvington 

PHELAN, ETHEL 150 Cornell Avenue, Hawthorne 

PIATEK, DOROTHY 206 Warwick Street, Newark 

PICHE. BETTY 294 Montgomery Street, Bloomfield 

PIJAS, JOSEPH 40 Hahe Street, New Brunswick 

PILKINGTON, GEORGE 61 Rigqs Place, South Oranqe 

PINCUS, ESTHER 82 N. 19th Street. East Oranqe 

PISCIOTTA. MARGARET 264 Littleton Avenue, Newark 

PLOTKIN, SALLY 38 Feiner Place, Irvinqton 

PLUNKETT, EUNICE 33 Pine Grove Terrace. Newark 6 

PORETTO, JOHN Post Office. West Norwood 

PORZIO, DANIEL 64 N. 10th Street, Newark 

POWERS, AUDREY 415 Brace Avenue, Perth Amboy 

POWERS, IRENE 88 Fair Street, East Oranqe 

POWERS, JEAN 48 Whitford Avenue, Nutley 

PREUSS, DOROTHY 21 Montgomery Road, Livingston 

PRICE. JOAN M 82 Mill Road. Morris Plain's 

PROSS. HILDEGARD 459 Belmont Avenue, Newark 

PROVINE, JULIUS V 255 Park Avenue, Newark 

PRUHOMME, JOAN 39 Lincoln Park, Newark 


OUINLAN, ELIZABETH 286 Woodside Avenue, Newark 


RABINOWITZ, FLORENCE 153 N. 17th Street, Bloomfield 

RAHENKAMP, LaVERNE 49 Mohr Avenue, Bloomfield 

RATH, MARIE 370 Hobart Avenue, Short Hills 

READ, DORIS Llewellyn Park, West Oranqe 

REDALE, JEANNETTE 135 Headley Terrace, Irvinqton 

REGAL. FLORENCE 23 Manner Avenue, Garfield 

REICHARDT, RICHARD 43 Van Dyke Street, Wallinqton 

REPAK, JEANNE 217 Water Street, Perth Amboy 

RESTAINO, EVELYN 64 Elliott Street, Newark 

RICCIARDI, NANCY 183 Fourth Avenue, East Oranqe 

RICIGLANO, MARIE C 226 Clifton Avenue. Newark 

RIDGEWAY, JOHN CLAPPER 51 Chestnut Street, Maplewood 

RIGHTS, ALICE 410 Wheatsheaf Road, Roselle 

RILEY, H. NORMA 51 Hiqhfield Lane. Nutley 

RINALDY, ELIZABETH J 1407 Franklin Street. Hillside 

RIVIEZZO. MILLIE M 155 Second Street. Newark 

RIZZO, DOMENICA R.F.D. 2, Box 447, New Brunswick 

ROBINSON. KATHLEEN DOROTHY 69 Preston Street, Belleville 

ROCHA, MANUEL 22 Drift Street. Newark 

ROCKOFF, MAXINE 749 Eaton Street, Elizabeth 

ROESEL, JOAN C 515 Srier Avenue, Elizabeth 

ROHRER, MARIE t80 Pomona Avenue, Newark 

ROLLINS, KENNETH H. „•/ Loy Avenue, Riverdale 

ROSE, ALLEN F.. JR 14 Conover Avenue, Roseland 

ROSELIO, LUCY 679 North 6th Street, Newark 

ROSENBERG, HARRIET M 25 Newman Street, Hackensack 

ROSENTHAL. RUTH 22 Leitch Place, Passaic 

ROSS, CATHERINE 308 Verona Avenue, Newark 

ROSS, GLORIA TIN ICK 294 Seymour Avenue, Newark 

ROTH, ELAINE LOUISE 1794 Manor Drive, Union 

ROTH WACKS. ROBERTA 144 Clinton Place. Newark 

ROY. MARION WILLSON 98 Alexander Avenue. Nutley 

RUDD, MURIEL 358 Brook Avenue. Passaic 

RULFS, THEODORE FRED 55 Hague Street, Jersey City 

RUSSOMAGNO. VINCENT J 399 Ocean Avenue, Jersey City 


SACHS. HERBERT WILLIAM 69 Poplar Street, Jersey City 

SALEMME, XAVIER A 262 South 7th Street, Newark 

SALERNO. GLORIA 3 Pine Grove Terrace, Newark 

SANDOL, MAYNARD 161 Church Street, Nutley 

SANSONE. ALFRED J 1468 Pleasant Valley Way, West Oranqe 

SCHAAD, MARY GEARTY 70 Ravine Avenue, Caldwell 

SCHAEFER. FRANCES MARGARET 259 Central Avenue, Rahway 

SCHAEFER, JOAN 554 Madison Street, Carlstadt 

SCHAEFFER, RITA N 1230 Woodruff Avenue, Hillside 

SCHAEFFER, WILLIAM 52 Norwood Street, Newark 

SCHECHTMAN. BETTE LEE 352 Ellery Avenue. Newark 

SCHENKEL. CAROL RUTH 437 South 15th Street, Newark 

SEHIFF, FRANCES 92 Lincoln Place, Irvinqton 

SCHLOSSER, ESTABEL 1651 St. Georqe Avenue. Roselle 

SCHNEIDER, CATHERINE 154 Garfield Place, Maplewood 

SCHOOLEY. NORMA L 20 Van Vleck Street, Montdair 

SCHRETER, RUTH M 24 Warner Avenue, Sprinqfield 

SCHUMANN, EMIL R 118 Monroe Street, Roselle 

SCHWEHM, ERHARD F 170 Undercliff Avenue Edqewater 

SCOTT, BARBARA 200 Woodland Road Madison 

SCOTT. EVELYN 72 Jefferson Street, Passaic 

SCOTT. PARTHENIA A 109 Hollywood Avenue East Oranqe 

SCUDESE, EDITH 1 16 Chester Avenue. Newark 


SFGRAVE MARY 218 Stevens Avenue. South Ambo/ 

SELBIGER JUDITH E 90 Kuna Terrace. Irvinqton 

SEMQL. ARLENE IIS Paine Avenue, Irvington 

SENA. CATHERINE Ill South Munn Avenue Newark 

SENYSHYN. JULIUS 806 Roselle Street. Linden 

SERRA. ELIZABETH 66 Lindsley Place. East Oranqe 

SERWATKA. REESA 4 Robert Place. Irvinqton 

SEUFERT, JUNE 442 Westwcod Avenue, Long Branch 

SHAFFER, ROBERT Box 171, Rainbow Lakes, Boonton 

SHAPIRO, DANIEL 142 BeMevue S'reet. Elizabeth 

SHAPIRO, MIRIAM 142 BeMevue Street Elizabeth 

SHAPIRO. SEYMOUR 288 Pomona Avenue Newark 

SHEEHAN. JOHN 214 Sixth Street, Harrison 

SHERMAN. ABRAHAM 366 Berqen Street Newark 

SHOWE. MARY 141 Park Place Irvinqton 

SIBILIA. MARIA 475 Clifton Avenue. Newark 

SIMON. JUNE 1009 Chancellor Avenue Irvinqton 

SINNER. BETTY 8 Ardon Terrace Bloomfield 

SKIRBST, HENRY 63 Oak Avenue. Irvinqton 

SLAVIN, PHYLLIS 20 Rutland Avenue Kearny 

SMITH, CATHRINE 43 Mt. Airy Road. Bernardsville 

SMITH, JACK 440 Kensinqton Road, Teaneck 

SMITH, JEWEL 766 Broadway, Apt. E-5. Newark 

SMITH. JOAN 766 Broadway, Apt. E-5 Newark 

SMITH, KA T HLEEN Oranqebury Road Old Tappan 

SMITH, MARGARET JOAN 800 Ridge Street, Newark 

SMITH, MATILDA 640 Berqen Street. Newark 

SNYDER. JANET 452 Roseville Avenue Newark 

SOBOLEWSKI, STELLA 246 Vermont Avenue Irvinqton 

SOHAN. DORIS 125 Fairmount Avenue. Newark 

SOLIMINE, WILLIAM 163 Lexington Avenue Jersey City 

SORG. RUTH I» Morse Avenue. East Oranqe 

SPELING, RICHARD Horse Neck Road. Montville 

STAHL, DONALD 760 Nicholas Place. Rahway 

STARKE. ROBERTA 95 Hillside Avenue. Nutley 

STEIN, LUCILLE. 233 West End Avenue. Newark 

STEIN. PEARL 1063 Berqen Street Newark 

STERRIS, ALLEN 155 Berke'ey Avenue. Bloomfield 

STEWART. MARTHA 454 William Street East Oranqe 

STIVALY. DOLORES 17 Roswell Terrace, Montclair 

STOFFERS, ELIZABETH 230 Beech Avenue. Garwood 

STONE. BARBARA 283 Union Avenue Irvinqton 

STURGIS. LOIS 95 Riggs Place, West Oranqe 

STURGIS. PHYLLIS 95 Riggs Place, West Oranqe 

SULLIVAN, JEANNE 33 Concord Drive, Livinqston 

SWANSON, GLORIA Elmhurst Avenue. Iselin 

SWATT. EDWARD II Hudson Street Clifton 

SWOPE, LENORD Orangeburg Road, Old Tappan 


TALSTROM, HELGA 153 De Graw Avenue, Teaneck 

TAMBURO, JOSEPH 37215th Avenue. Newark 

TANIS. RICHARD 303 Van Winple Avenue, Hawthorne 

TAUBER. ROSALYN 386 Badqer Avenue. Newark 

TAYLOR. HELEN 64 Whittlesey Avenue, East Oranqe 

TELFER, ANNE 920 Lake Street. Newark 

TERRELL, ISABELLE 308 Halsted Street, Ea<t Oranqe 

TETLEY, JEAN 580 Alden Street, W'oodbridge 

THOMPSON. HELEN 180 Goodwin Avenue. Newark 

THOMPSON. MARY 258 John Street, South Amboy 

THOMSON. HARRY 32 Beech Street, North Arlinqton 

THOMSON. MARY JANET 12 Lenox Avenue. Cranford 

TOMBLER. JOAN 302 Chestnut Street. Rose'le 

TONNESEN, BJORNEK 123 Drake Avenue. Roselle 

TORBORG. NANCY 37 Orchard Street. Elizabeth 

TORRENCE. SOPHIE 97 Hobson Street. Bloomfield 

TORTORELLI. REANILDA 217 Summer Avenue. Newark 

TRAETTINO, ELAINE 315 Summer Avenue. Newark 

TRAUTWEIN. RUTH Amboy Avenue Woodbridqe 

TRAYNOR. EDWARD 137 Clerk Street, Jersey City 

TRAYNOR. MOIRA 147 Carlton Avenue, East Rutherford 

TROUBLEFIELD. WILLIAM 76 Peabody Place Newark 

TROY, NORMA 515 Avon Avenue Newark 

TUOSTA. GLADYS 137 Mt. Prospect Avenue. Newark 

TURSICK. DOLORES 119 Maple Avenue. Wallinqton 

TUHLE. MARY 33 Johnson Avenue. West Caldwell 

TUZNIK. JEAN 54 Davis Avenue, Bloomfield 

UNGER, ROY 61 Avenue of Two Rivers. Rumson 


VALINTINO. JOSEPHINE 18 John Street Newark 

VAN BREEMAN. MARGARET 19 A'exander Avenue, Upper Montclair 

VANDER DOES, ADRIAN 945 Lafayette Avenue, Hawthorne 

VAN RIPER, JOAN 102 Becker Avenue. Rochelle Park 

VAN RIPER. LORRAINE 903 Lake Street. Newark 

VENEZRAN, ELIN 616 Carson Avenue. Perth Amboy 

VERES. MARY Berkshire Valley, Wharton 

VERES. MENYHERT Berkshire Valley Wharton 

VERNIERO. THERESA 16 Wilber Street, Belleville 

VICTOR. VIVIAN Old Amwell Road. Neshanic 

VIOLA. MARIE 30 Marconi Street. Clifton 

VIOLA, ORSOLA 136 Hiqhland Street. Paterson 

VOGT. FRANK 16 Byrd Avenue, Bloomfie'd 


WADLE, HARRIET 76 Wharton Avenue Nutley 

WAHLERS. JOAN 45 Berkeley Place, Livinqston 

WALSH. LOIS 140 North 12th Street. Newark 

WALSH. MILDRED 140 North 12th Street Newark 

WALSH. MARY 110 Suydam Street. New Brunswick 

WALSH. MARJORIE 1070 Potter Avenue, Union 

WALTERS GLORIA 140 East 7th Street. Clifton 

WASHINGTON. MARTHA 33718th Avenue. Newark 

WATAHA. JOHN 311 Wilson Street. Perth Amboy 

WEBER. MARY 15 Locust Drive. Summit 

WEISS, JEROME 757 Canton Street. Elizabeth 

WEISS. JUDITH 47V 2 Mt. Prospect Avenue Newark 

WFISSMAN. ALANNA 621 Tillman Street. Hillside 

WHEALDON. SUSAN 231 Mountain Avenue. North Caldwell 

WHICHARD CHARLES 30 Penninqton Newark 

WHITAKER DONALD 486 Rahway Avenue, Woodbridqe 

WHITE, LAWRENCE R.F.D. I. Box I97A. Matawan 

WIDDIS. HELEN 240 Rockwell Avenue. Lonq Branch 

WIGLER BARBARA 382 Clinton P'ace. Newark 

WILDERMAN. MARILYN 74 Mapes Avenue. Newark 

WILDEROTTER. JEANNE 40 Eder Terrace. South Oranqe 

WILDEROTTER, RITA 40 Eder Terrace. South Oranqe 

WILK. MYRNA 142 Union Avenue. Lonq Branch 

WILLIAMS. JEANNE 108 Pennington Street. Newark 

WILLIAMS, MELVIN 57- 1 8th Avenue, East Paterson 

WILSON BARBARA 109 South Midland Avenue, Arlinqton 

WILSON. ELEANOR 121 Sylvan Street, Rutherford 

WITTENMEYER ANN 404 Neville Street. Perth Amboy 

WNUKOWSKI. ROSE 6 Passaic Street. Carteret 

WOLFE, ROBERTA 359 East 7th Avenue. Roselle 

WOOD. BARBARA 12 Farley Place, Short Hills 

WRIGLEY, JANET 828 Gebhardt Avenue, Elizabeth 

YUNDZEL, ROBERT 17 D'Auria Street, Newark 


ZARRA, ETHEL 9 Virqinia Avenue, West Oranqe 

ZECCA EVELYN 275 Clifton Avenue. Newark 

ZELEFSKY. HARRIET Main Road. Mt. Freedom 

ZIGENFUS MARILYN 91 McClellan Avenue. Livinqston 

ZWANG MILDRED 251 Lyons Avenue. Newark 

Mr. Earl Nichols of Campus Publishing 
Company for his cooperation and helpful- 
ness in the planning and production of the 
1950 "Memorabilia." 

Delma Studios Inc. for the fine service 
they gave in the photography for this 

Camera Club of our college for the 
pictures they contributed. 

Desmond McLean and Maynard 
Sandol for their valuable art contributions.